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Let's ride the wave of floating PV

Cost-competitiveness | Risk - Environmental & Technical | Bankability

In the short span of half a decade, floating photovoltaics have evolved from a hype innovation to a widely-implemented and land-saving solution, that now even challenges traditional ground-mounted solar plants in terms of cost competitiveness. Supportive regulations in Italy, Germany, and Portugal have further accelerated the expansion of floating solar PV projects throughout Europe.

However, with complex and highly-specific technical and O&M (think: avian menace) demands, and high CAPEX & OPEX costs, serious challenges remain in keeping the FPV business case afloat. How can we continue to ride this wave of success and ensure floating photovoltaics continue their expansion and maturation throughout Europe?

At the past editions of the event in The Netherlands, we followed the ebbs and flows of FPV development closely. Considering the segment's strong development in the Mediterranean countries, this year's edition will be hosted in Southern Europe. Join our Solarplaza Summit Floating PV in Rome for a day of critical technical discussions, as we explore and reflect on in-depth case studies and expand our imaginations for the possibilities of the future.

Conference Solarplaza Summit Floating PV

The Industry Advisory Board empowering the event

The combined wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and high-level network of our expert advisory board members help shape our program and enhance our event. Their involvement guarantees the practical and inspirational relevance of our event in the dynamic and ever-evolving solar landscape.

Stanislas Merlet

Michele Tagliapietra

Elena Rasheva

Alexis Constant

Andrés Franco

Maarten van Cleef







Program Overview

Stay afloat in the rapidly-developing floating PV market with the latest insights, know-how and practical pointers

Fueled by market research, inspired by local consultation, and tailored for our professional audience, the content-rich event program takes stock of the challenges and opportunities of the Floating PV market.

Conference Program Solarplaza Summit Floating PV

SESSION 1 Sinking or Swiming? A Critical Assessment of The Global Floating PV Market and Regulations

SESSION 2A Floating PV Development and Business Case Insights

SESSION 2B Innovative Floating PV Applications

SESSION 3 Floating PV Design Deep Dive

SESSION 4 Safeguarding Floating PV: O&M, Safety, and Future Trends

Networking Event

In the spirit of innovation, we celebrate novel PV applications by welcoming attendees from both the Agri-PV summit and the Floating-PV summit for one exclusive, combined Networking Event. This unique occasion will take place on the 4th of October, after the close of the Agri-PV conference and on the eve of the Floating-PV event. Details can be found on the program page.


John Meng - Sungrow FPV

John Meng

Oversea System Solution Director

Daniel Garasa - Wood Mackenzie

Daniel Garasa

Research Analyst

Elena Rasheva - Evklips Energy

Elena Rasheva

CEO and co-founder

Sacha de Rijk - Deltares

Sacha de Rijk

Expert Advisor Ecology & Water Quality

Jan-Phillip Kock - Encavis

Jan-Phillip Kock

Investment Strategy Manager

Jan Kroon - TNO

Jan Kroon

Senior Project Manager


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Conference Venue

Palazzo Brancaccio

5 October 09:00 - 18:30
Viale del Monte Oppio, 7, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Get ready to step back in time to the grandeur of the Roman Baroque era at our upcoming summits in Rome. This beautiful venue is a true gem, with its stunning architecture, ornate frescoes, and rich in history. Palazzo Brancaccio is the perfect backdrop for our summits, promising an unforgettable experience that will leave you amazed.


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