13 August 2021



The Latest Technological Developments in Floating PV

with Franz Krug (Zimmermann PV-Floating)

"Standardization is not that easy in Floating Solar. What you need is a lot of flexibility in all systems."

The Floating Solar market has been showing remarkable growth in the past five years. Even with the delay on operations caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, the industry still sees many projects coming out of paper.

Although Asia is still dominating FPV installations worldwide, Europe is certainly becoming one of the most prominent Floating PV markets. 

Watch Franz Krug, Project Manager responsible for Floating PV projects at Zimmermann PV-Floating, discussing the major developments and future opportunities for Floating Solar, such as hydro dams and offshore Floating.

Franz will tackle the issue of standardization, or in his words, the flexibility of floating systems, components and design, and share some relevant results from studies on water quality and the impact of Floating PV on biodiversity.

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