Your solar partner for market entry and consolidation strategy

We support solar stakeholders in effectively achieving their growth ambitions by entering new geographies or segments.

Our new branch harnesses Solarplaza’s 15+ years of know-how and network to provide tailored and on-demand integrated market intelligence, matchmaking and marketing services with the same quality and care.

Are you looking to

Grasp the dynamics of a new country or segment?

Build knowledge, connections and experience in the solar industry?

Understand the demand and audience for a new product or service?

Co-develop or acquire new projects?

Our result-driven process is designed to empower you with the information, connections, channels and tools to make your business thrive.

Our services

We solidify your decision-making process and accelerate your growth strategy.

For Independent Power Producers, investors and developers

We help you prioritize markets and investment opportunities, uncover potential risk and understand market dynamics, while finding local partners to (co-)develop, build, or operate your projects.

For manufacturers, SaaS and other service providers

We supply you with direct industry feedback to discover your target audience's needs, adapt your value proposition, and stay ahead of the competition, while matching you with potential customers.


Why work with us?

Access to Solarplaza’s extensive network

We have 60.000+ professionals in our network

Tailored industry feedback

We conduct field research to give you a real market pulse

Measurable ROI

We help you close deals: projects, joint-ventures, clients

Industry leaders trust and rely on our market entry process and our 15+ years of experience to accelerate their growth and impact on the renewable energy transition

Companies we have supported

Our impact in numbers


personal introductions


companies empowered


contintents covered

The main faces that will boost your growth - backed and supported by the internal group of topical and geographical market experts that make Solarplaza events the industry-leading platforms for sharing knowledge and network.

I am a Data Analyst & Consultant specialised in the solar industry.

I am a Project Manager & Consultant with 5 years of solar Business Development experience.