6 September 2022


Solar PV Project Development Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Utility-scale Czech Republic

Project Development & Subsidy Guide: The Czech Solar PV market





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Chapters overview

1. Market overview snapshot

An overview of the evolution of the Czech PV market is presented, along with the 2030 roadmap split into three growth scenarios. 

2. Modernisation Fund

The Modernisation Fund will allocate 38% of at least 150 bln CZK (6 bln EUR) until 2030 for the deployment of Renewable Energy Sources (mostly solar PV). The rules and requirements are thoroughly described for preparing a successful application.

3. Project development lifecycle

All the stages of the project development in the Czech Republic are described in chronological order, with an estimation of costs and timelines. The chapter further alerts and advises on the main bottlenecks related to grid connection and spatial plan and zoning decisions. The growth of the PV market relies on the alleviation of the current barriers and the depoliticization of permitting procedures, with the current government giving signs of heading in that direction.

4. Site selection

Best practices for site selection are analyzed with a view on facilitating the project development cycle and accelerating the development timeline. These practices lean on avoiding the typical barriers that make projects unfeasible or heavily bureaucratic by providing tools and information to select suitable land for PV, increasing the likelihood of obtaining a positive zoning decision, and the probability of grid connection, among other factors.

5. Business model

A non-extensive characterization of CAPEX, OPEX, and DEVEX, and revenue models are outlined while calculating IRRs for different hypothetical scenarios. The Modernisation Fund subsidies impact CAPEX but not the long-term revenues of PV projects. Investors need to find an off-taker for the electricity produced or sell their electricity on the spot market. Due to the lack of local PPA experience and know-how, the Czech PV market is mostly suited for investors who already have a PPA track record abroad.


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