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Meet the Solarplaza Team

Meet our Team

Our ever-growing and highly international team is the key to our success as a company.

As we strive to help the global solar and renewable industry grow and flourish, we embrace diversity in every sense of the word. Though we're based in The Netherlands, our team members hail from 15+ countries all around the world. We’re not just solar experts though, we’re also smart, fast, daring, creative, cultured, and cool.

Content Marketing Team Lead
Alyce Forbes

Research Assistant
Anaïs Masson

Coordinator Business Support
Angelique Hofman

Project Coordinator
Audrey Wolff

Email Marketeer
Beatriz Negreiros

Front-end Web Developer
Bo Conrads

Project Manager
Celina Gundlach

Lead Graphic Designer
Charl Visser

Marketing Data Analyst
Christian Bontempo

Graphic Designer
Daniëlle van der Markt

Marketing Campaign Strategist
Daphne Buskoop

Project Manager
Dee Yon Chng

Project Manager
Dena Metaxa

Project Coordinator
Domenica Rodà

CEO & Founder
Edwin Koot

Website Design & Maintenance Assistant
Ellie Smith

Marketing Content Coordinator
Emily Boey

Project Manager
Frannie Flinterman

Financial Administrator
Ilse van Vliet

Project Coordinator
Jessica Medina

Jos Traa

Julien Marmugi

Events Team Lead
Lisette Buist

HR Manager
Lorena Flores

Project Manager
Lorena Nieuwenhoven

Project Manager
Manoela Hartung

Business Developer
Mar Clemente Diego

Project Manager
Nicola Belafatti

Project Manager
Nicola Kopij Zanin

Email Marketeer
Nicole Oosting

Graphic Design Intern
Noa Roomer

Project Manager
Ramses Struijker Boudier

Business Developer
Rosita Valuckyte

Project Coordinator
Sabine Dhevaraj

Research Assistant
Samuel Jamrich

Research Assistant
Sára Onderišinová

Manager Business Development
Sid Eshuis

Web Development Team Lead
Timon Pals

Communications Manager
Tom van der Linden

Business Developer
Tor Jörgensen

Content Marketing Manager
Victoria Pons

Business Controller
Victoria Bitca

Business Developer
Ward Schuuring

Administrative Support
Zoe Wensink

Zsolt Szalay