5 December 2022



Solarplaza Consultancy confirms Nicola Kopij Zanin as its new Managing Director

Author: Solarplaza Consultancy

Solarplaza Consultancy is pleased to announce Nicola Kopij Zanin as its new Managing Director, starting October 2022. Prior to this assignment, Nicola Kopij Zanin worked in Solarplaza’s event branch for over three years, fulfilling the roles of Finance and Innovation Project Manager, and Senior Project Manager Events.

Solarplaza Consultancy has been in operation since 2021, maintaining activities on two fronts. Firstly, it offer services related to the research, identification and presentation of investment opportunities in the photovoltaic sector for investors, including funds, banks and IPPs. Secondly, it deals with the analysis and preparation of financial assessments for developers, based on their project portfolio. 

Currently, the company is active in multiple European markets, with a specific focus on Italy, Poland, the Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary and the Balkans. To date, Solarplaza Consultancy has supported 18 companies.

Nicola brings to the table a strong overview of European RE markets, with a vast network of players involved in the sustainable energy transition.
“I am looking forward to making Solarplaza Consultancy the meeting point for developers and investors active in the major PV markets worldwide.”

With Nicola taking the helm, and Christian Bontempo continuing his supportive role in the Solarplaza Consultancy’s activities, the scope of specific services has been updated. To find out more about what the Solarplaza Consultancy can exactly do for you, please check out the updated brochure with a detailed outline of its services. 

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