Hydro Solar PV Construction Floating

Floating Solar & Hydropower: Zooming in on Challenges & Best Practices

with Stéphane Prouvost (Ciel & Terre)


The marriage of hydropower plants and floating solar seems ideal. After all, a hydroelectric facility already has two elements available that are crucial to floatovoltaics: an underused - and highly controlled - waterbody and a powerful grid connection point close by. 

This webinar was held in July 2024, but the recordings are still available!

Join us for an insightful webinar exploring the technical challenges and solutions related to deploying floating solar installations on hydropower plant reservoirs. Discover how the conditions of hydro dams impact floating solar structures and learn about the risks and consequences of improper design and execution. Our expert, Stéphane Prouvost from Ciel & Terre, will guide you through the essentials of creating a reliable floating solar system, highlighting best practices and critical points to consider during project design and execution. Additionally, he will delve into managing the primary constraints of hydro dams: waves and anchoring. This session is a must for professionals looking to enhance their understanding and implementation of floating solar technology in hydropower environments.

Stéphane Prouvost

Division Director

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