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29 August 2023


Solar PV Operations & Maintenance Floating

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How To Maintain A Floating PV Plant For 25+ Years

Much has changed since the world’s first floating solar power plant was put to water in Japan in 2007. Within the space of a decade, floating photovoltaics transformed from a buzzworthy concept to a widely adopted and space-efficient PV solution, to the point where they can even pose a cost-competitive challenge to conventional ground-mounted solar plants.

Our new white paper, written in partnership with the Floating PV experts from Sungrow FPV, provides a comprehensive overview of the main trends and challenges in the floating solar industry segment, and contains practical tips and tricks on FPV project development lessons, floating solar system design, crucial EPC considerations, and useful O&M practices.

Download the white paper to prepare for the 5th edition of the Solarplaza Summit Floating PV, hosted on 5 October in Rome, Italy

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