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29 March 2024


Solar PV Project Development Floating

The World's Renewable Future Floats on Solar

Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Europe to highlight the latest trends in this thriving segment

ROTTERDAM - 26 March 2024 - The global floating solar PV market has only recently reached gigawatt-scale, but is on a steady growth trajectory towards establishing a global fleet of around 60 GW within a decade. The Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Europe, returning for the seventh time, will take stock of the latest developments, trends, forecasts, and best practices related to floating solar project development. As the primary meeting spot for the European floating solar segment, the event provides crucial opportunities for networking and knowledge sharing.

Having risen to the surface only fairly recently, the floating solar segment has taken the renewable energy project development world by storm. In just a few years, the technology has scaled from kW-sized pilots in backwaters to huge installations that cover lakes, bays, and even off-shore sites, adding hundreds of MWs of renewable energy generation capacity, without laying claim to a single square meter of land surface. 

The Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Europe, hosted in Paris on the 19th of September, puts the spotlight on Europe's rapidly expanding floating photovoltaic (PV) market. It provides PV professionals with bountiful opportunities to discover and help shape a brighter future where lakes, reservoirs, and quarries are turned into powerhouses of clean energy, with projects as large as 800 MW already under development. 

The conference program, developed with an advisory board of sector experts, includes discussions about the maturing technology driving floating solar farm development, demonstrating how they harness the cooling power of water for enhanced efficiency. As more and more is happening in the area of off-shore floating PV development as well, experts on stage will discuss the challenges and opportunities coupled with taking to the high seas and potentially co-locating floating solar with off-shore wind for hybrid power solutions. The many in-depth sessions will enable attendees to gain crucial insights from industry leaders on overcoming technical and environmental barriers, while exploring the economic and ecological benefits of this innovative solar solution.

Following past editions in the Netherlands and Italy, this year’s edition will be hosted in France, which is home to a swelling floating solar PV market, and will take place one day after the Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV Europe, another innovation-themed event focused on non-conventional solar development. The event offers a premier opportunity for energy professionals, developers, waterbody owners, policymakers, and investors to connect, collaborate, and contribute to the growth of a sector that's not just floating, but soaring.

Solarplaza Summit Floating PV Europe
19 September 2024 - Paris, France
Tickets: €1,195 (Late Bird) / €1,095 (Regular) / €995 (Early Bird) / €895 (Very Early Bird)
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