Solar PV Floating

The Floating Solar Plant Mooring Challenge

with Félix Gorintin (INNOSEA) , Pierre-André Courbet (Ciel & Terre)

Mooring design is one of the biggest challenges in the floating PV market. Each project requires site-specific mooring configuration, technology and application. The FPV plant's reliability and durability throughout its lifetime depend significantly on an effective mooring system.

Ciel & Terre, a leading actor in the FPV market, and INNOSEA, as offshore renewables engineering firm, have been working on innovative mooring designs and modelling in order to improve the LCOE of floating solar.

This webinar was held in October 2020, but the recordings are still available!

Félix Gorintin

Head Floating Solar

Pierre-André Courbet

R&D Anchoring Engineer

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