24 March 2021


LCOE Hydro Solar PV Project Development Floating

Market Outlook for Floating Solar

with Bernard Prouvost (Ciel & Terre)

For the 29th episode of T.RE.ND talks, Edwin Koot spoke with Bernard Prouvost, Chairman and Founder of Ciel & Terre.

Bernard has been an entrepreneur for most of his career, dedicated to renewable energy since 2000. He began with developing wind turbine farms in France, then went onto building solar arrays.

Ciel & Terre started out with large-size rooftop systems and is now focused on water reservoirs with their floating technology. They are pioneers within the industry and well known for their innovation and floating solar contributions.

In this episode Edwin and Bernard dove into:

  • The market outlook for Floating Solar
  • On-shore versus off-shore projects
  • Lessons learned
  • The potential of hydro dam reservoirs

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