White Paper

6 August 2021


Solar PV Manufacturing Recycling Floating International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA)

Estimated reading time: 10 min

How to Produce Renewable Energy and Minimize the CO2 Emissions?

Floating solar is now considered to be the "third pillar of the solar industry", standing firmly alongside rooftop & ground-mounted applications.
It represents a huge potential worldwide with its suitability for development on a large range of water bodies. Now that the floating project applications are scaling up, it becomes increasingly important to optimize the process and minimize the impact, because - in the end: everything has a carbon footprint.

This new white paper, created with the experts at Ciel & Terre, covers:

  • Floating Solar: main benefits and potential
  • CO2 impact considerations in Renewable Energy project development
  • Case Study: calculations of the carbon footprint in a Central European plant

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