Market Overview Solar PV Floating

The Economics of Floating Solar

with Molly Cox (Wood Mackenzie)

Looking back at how far the floating solar market has come and its ripple effect, we are reminded of the value this once-upon-a-time emerging technology offers to the renewable energy space. It is truly remarkable how quickly the market has grown, reaching brand-new territories from Chile to Morocco. This webinar aims to unravel the economics of floating solar and analyze how to overcome the rising tide of challenges that come with it.

This webinar was held in May 2019, but the recordings are still available!

Tune into this webinar to get an understanding floating solar system costs and project economics, a regional breakdowns of floating solar systems in major markets, and driver factors for FPV markets.

Molly Cox

Research Associate


  • Understanding floating solar system costs and project economics
  • Regional breakdowns of floating solar systems in major markets
  • Drivers factors for FPV markets

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