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Strategies for Sustaining Iberia's Solar Surge

Asset Management | Curtailment Mitigation | Investment Opportunities

The renewable ambitions of Spain and Portugal are skyrocketing. Both countries are projected to retain gigawatt market status in 2024 and have more than doubled their 2030 NECP solar targets (Spain: 76 GW; Portugal: 20.4 GW). With its unified power market (MIBEL) structure, and more grid interconnection reinforcements underway, the Iberian market has a huge overlap in both its market challenges and opportunities. Considering the major synergies, Solarplaza has chosen to combine the experience and network from 5 years of separate Spain and Portugal summits into one combined, bigger event. 

Join us at the Solarplaza Summit Iberia on 5 June at the Palacio De Neptuno in Madrid, as solar industry leaders convene to discuss the latest trends and experiences in project development, solar asset management, and the evolving regulatory landscape. Explore intricate PPA frameworks, technological advancements, curtailment mitigation, and the key market strategies shaping the Iberian solar sector.

Curious about what to expect from this conference? Our Solarplaza Summit Iberia will combine topics of our Portugal and Spain summits that we held last year.

Conference Solarplaza Summit Iberia

The Industry Advisory Board empowering the event

The combined wealth of knowledge, years of experience, and high-level network of our expert advisory board members help shape our program and enhance our event. Their involvement guarantees the practical and inspirational relevance of our event in the dynamic and ever-evolving solar landscape.

Catalina Bauza Llinas

Tomás García

Marco Alves

Marta Valien

Susete Patricio

Kim Keats







Program Overview

Gain valuable insights into the intricacies of the Iberian PV market throughout all of its development stages

Fueled by market research & local consultation, and tailored to our professional audience, the program takes stock of the challenges & opportunities of the Iberian PV market.

Conference Program Solarplaza Summit Iberia

Session 1 Solar Strategies: Portugal-Spain & Hybrid Innovations

Session 2A Navigating the Challenges and Capitalizing on Iberian Solar Opportunities

Session 2B Hybrid Innovations & Project Lifecycle Management

Session 3A Steering Solar Growth with Policies & ESG Principles

Session 3B Mitigating Risks & Harnessing Tech in Solar Assets

Session 4 Scaling New Heights: 100GW Solar Ambitions & Innovative Financing


Kim Keats Martínez - EKON

Kim Keats Martínez


Carmen Longas - Red Eléctrica

Carmen Longas

Head of Access to the Grid Department

Florian Edler - Enerparc AG

Florian Edler

Managing Director

Fernando Ruiz - Isotrol

Fernando Ruiz

Senior Energy Trading Product Manager

Rafael Calleja - Optimize Energy

Rafael Calleja

Business Development Manager

Daniel Nilsson - Bright Sunday

Daniel Nilsson



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Pre-Conference Networking Event

Casa Suecia

4 June 20:00 - 23:00
y roof top, C. del Marqués de Casa Riera, 4, Planta baja, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Enjoy the city view while networking and connecting with peers, during our pre-conference networking event.

Conference Venue

Palacio Neptuno

5 June 09:00 - 18:30
Calle de Cervantes, 42, Centro, 28014 Madrid, Spain

Palacio Neptuno, nestled near Madrid's city center, is a distinguished venue celebrated for its neoclassical elegance. Elevate your experience by participating in the Solarplaza Summit Iberia amidst the timeless charm of this historic setting.


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