White Paper

3 August 2023


Regulatory Framework Solar Market Portugal

Estimated reading time: 10 min

Energy Regulatory Updates in Portugal: Major ins & outs and impact on the solar PV market

In this new resource, our partner MACEDO VITORINO provides a detailed breakdown of the regulatory landscape in Portugal in relation to its renewable energy industry. From outlining the road to market of a 1 MW+ renewable or energy storage project, providing an overview of the legalities of self-consumption, diving into the potential of offshore auctions and even providing a Portuguese lawyer's 'wishlist'; this white paper covers the basics and much more. By providing concrete insights into the main market drivers, constraints, and intricacies of the current law in place, this white paper is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the potential of the Portuguese solar PV market.

Moreover, it's a vital piece of homework for those attending the Solarplaza Summit Portugal on September 22nd in Lisbon Portugal. Join us and the leading market experts who will share knowledge and best practices for solar energy development in the country, we hope to see you there!

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