Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning Operations & Maintenance Iberic Peninsula

Digital Twins: Unlocking the Power of AI & ML in Solar

with Marco Pestana as moderator (Solarplaza) , Inés Monroy (Mediación Verde) , Govinda Upadhyay (SmartHelio)

The integration of artificial intelligence and machine learning into solar O&M isn't just hype - it's a reality that's enhancing efficiency and sustainability. With computer-simulated technology at the forefront, the solar sector is witnessing a paradigm shift in asset performance optimization, cost reduction, and emission mitigation. This webinar invites you to explore how Digital Twin technology is evolving and the opportunities it presents for asset managers to excel in both operational efficiency and profitability.


Marco Pestana

Project Manager


Inés Monroy

Renewable Energy & Sustainability Consultant

Govinda Upadhyay


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