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Green Hydrogen vs. Energy Storage: Which is the Better Opportunity for Portugal?

The value-adding technologies related to renewable power generation, and solar energy in particular, have evolved in such a way that investing solely in PV systems might become a thing of the past. Much progress has been made toward facilitating the co-location of additional technologies, such as green hydrogen and battery energy storage, with traditional renewable generation technologies. This helps developers explore new revenue streams but also adds extra complexities and challenges in an already rapidly changing industry.

How can energy professionals best evaluate where they should spend their time and money when considering investing in a hybrid system? Green hydrogen or battery storage? During this webinar, our panel of experts will debate the pros and cons of each technology and how to best strategize on the future of solar + energy storage or green hydrogen, with a focus on the Portuguese market. Excited to join the debate? We hope to see you there!

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Thu. 22 June
10:00 WEST

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