Agri-PV technologies have developed very dynamically in recent years and can be found in almost all regions of the world. The installed Agri-PV power increased exponentially from approximately 5 MWp in 2012 to approximately 2.9 GWp in 2018 to more than 14 GWp in 2021 with national funding programs in Japan (since 2013), China (ca. 2014), France (since 2017), the USA (since 2018) and South Korea. Deploying Agri-PV on 1% of the world's cropland could generate the entire global electricity demand.
Nevertheless, agrivoltaics is a relatively new development that brings about questions on the available technical solutionsproject examplesbusiness modelsregulatory challenges and financing models. A lineup of international experts, experienced stakeholders and leading researchers will answer these questions on stage, which offers ample opportunities to boost your foothold in this industry.

The Solarplaza Summit Agri-PV, hosted on 21 September in Amsterdam will unite the key stakeholders to discuss this exciting application so you will learn about the realistic potential of energy generation, the benefits to food production, the solutions to land-use issues, and the future outlook of Agri-PV (also named "agrivoltaics"). Lay down roots in this exciting new segment and strengthen your knowledge with the inspiration and connections to help harvest the yields of both sun and earth.


Session I

A Background of Agri-PV

Session II

The Economics of Co-Locating Solar and Agriculture

Session III

Innovation & Optimization: Technological Perspectives

Session IV

The Road Ahead: A Future Outlook on Agri-PV

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