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Growing Pains: Lessons Learned in Agri-PV

with Constantin Klyk (Zimmermann PV-Steel-Group) , Elena Rasheva (Evklips Energy)

Agri-PV is rapidly advancing from a relatively new concept to a highly-promising solution for combining agriculture and solar power generation around the world. As a result, prominent market players and governments in Italy, France, Portugal, and Germany are making significant investments in this field.

In this webinar, we will thoroughly examine the business case, challenges, and key lessons learned with two leading agrivoltaics players who have been involved in the development of Agri-PV projects across Europe.

Through two presentations, they will share their valuable insights gained from being early participants in the market. You will have the opportunity to learn about the do's and don'ts, ask specific questions, and gain valuable knowledge to nurture your involvement in the agrisolar field.

This webinar was held in July 2023, but the recordings are still available!

Constantin Klyk

Project Manager

Elena Rasheva

CEO and co-founder

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