Solarplaza Summit | France

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Wednesday 28 June 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

As a warm up to the Summit, enjoy facilitated networking with fellow attendees, speakers, partners and advisory board members, in a more relaxed, informal atmosphere.

The Networking Event will take place in Bofinger Paris

Thursday 29 June 2023


Simultaneous translation will be available throughout the conference


Registration & Welcome coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Remarks by the Host

10 min.

Ramses Struijker Boudier


Session Topics:
  • Recap of Solarplaza in France
  • Outline and objectives of the day

Session 1

The Latest Updates on French PV


Setting the Right Pace for the Energy Transition in France


10 min.

France is finding ways to catch up on its Multiannual Energy Plan Objective. In February, the National Assembly and the Senate passed the Renewable Energy Acceleration Bill, introducing several measures to boost solar development prospects. What are the key objectives of this bill, and how will the effectiveness of the bill be guaranteed? Gain exclusive insights in the ministerial opening keynote, setting the tone for the rest of the day.

Sophie Mourlon

Ministère de la Transition énergétique

Session Topics:
  • The role of solar in the government’s decarbonization ambitions
  • Updates on the PPE: Tariffs, tenders and auctions
  • National and international trends that are impacting project development outlook


Solar as the Backbone of 2050’s Integrated, Autonomous and Resilient Energy System


10 min.

This session will turn from the regulatory framework and PV targets toward operational objectives and strategies. Join Enerplan - the National Solar PV Syndicate - to hear more about how solar will become the backbone of France's new energy system.

Amaury Korniloff


Session Topics:
  • A breakdown of the opportunities in residential, commercial & industrial (C&I and utility-scale solar)
  • The impact of the launch of “Plan d’Urgence Solaire”
  • How is solar creating economic, social and environmental impact in 2050?


Leading Strategies to Accelerate Decarbonization: Reviewing the Value Chain


45 min.

The target has been set, and the strategies are being shaped. But how does the industry respond to the new objectives? How are the economic, environmental, and societal concerns being addressed? In this session, leading stakeholders in the French PV market will debate where the opportunities in France's solar industry are arising and which pitfalls merit further attention.


Cécile Fontaine


Christine Delamarre

Crédit Agricole Leasing & Factoring

Eric Magistrello


Pascal Richard

Carbon Solar

Xavier Daval


Alexandre Soroko


Session Topics:
  • Positioning solar PV in France’s future energy mix
  • Supply chain issues, inflation: how to navigate turbulent market circumstances
  • Optimising stakeholder management & strategies to strengthen the competitiveness of the solar industry


Morning Networking Break

Last year's conference was a resounding success, with 97% of attendees reporting that they made valuable business connections. As you plan your attendance this year, remember to leverage Solarplaza networking app to ensure that you make the connections you want to make.

Session Topics:

Session 2

Financing The Ever Tightening Business Case


Capital Pathways to Boost Solar PV Developments


35 min.

This block will outline the financial tools and capital necessary to continue the healthy growth of the PV industry. Join seasoned experts from banking, investment, and legal experts to hear how finance can be improved to accelerate PV projects in France.


Sylvie Perrin

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

Philippe Garrel

Sienna Investment Managers

Pierre Millot

Andera Partners

Salima Hadjer

Banque des Territoires

Session Topics:
  • Case studies related to successfully coupling capital to projects in the French PV market
  • Dissecting the financing strategies of banks and investment funds
  • Available financing schemes for new business models


Breaking Down the Components of a Successful PPA


40 min.

As renewable electricity production grows, consumers increasingly seek to buy green electricity at pre-determined prices. Moreover, guarantee funds have been announced by the state to facilitate the establishment between producers and offtakers. As the PPA contracts continue to grow, there are still several questions. This panel brings together all PPA actors to address the main uncertainties and give their outlook on PPAs in France.


Alexandre Soroko


Sylvie Perrin

De Gaulle Fleurance & Associés

Julien Lupion

BPI France

Fabien Trevaux

Leroy Merlin

Thomas Aubagnac

Photosol Group

Bénédicte Vignoboul

TSE Energy

Session Topics:
  • The types, benefits and outlook of different types of PPAs in France
  • Digging into the new PPA structure, as proposed by the government to scale up PV
  • Negotiation strategies for power producers
  • Assessing the counterparty risks in corporate PPAs


Unlocking Solar PV Projects: An Asset-level Opportunity & Risk Analysis


15 min.

This presentation will zoom in on the economics of PV projects, highlighting the key considerations of developing PV projects across its timelines. It will take a comparative approach, positioning France against other European markets.

Victor Signes

Rystad Energy

Session Topics:
  • Overview of the existing opportunities and upcoming challenges for the solar PV market
  • Sensitivity analysis on the economic performance of a solar PV asset in France


Lunch Break

Mingle with the mixed crowd of local and international stakeholders, developers, service providers, investors, and more!

Session Topics:

Session 3

Land Availability & Supply Chain: Turning Obstacles into Opportunities


Building back Europe's Local Solar Supply Chains: Could it slowdown the pace of the Energy Transition?


10 min.

Having discussed the policy and financial landscape, the day looks at opportunities and potential bottlenecks for (large-scale) solar PV development. We will kick off with a major topic on the European solar agenda. Boosting the resilience and independency of the European PV supply chain has become a top strategic priority. The EU’s Energy Commissioner states that the EU will do “whatever it takes” to reestablish a viable PV manufacturing industry. This presentation will highlight the paths to competitiveness for European companies that want to build a long-term position in the PV supply chain.

Francesco D'Avack

S&P Global Commodity Insights

Session Topics:
  • Outlook on the European Solar PV Supply Chain
  • Decreasing dependencies by boosting the EU manufacturing capacities


Large-scale PV Projects: Successfully moving from Project Concept to Project Execution


45 min.

The conceptualization of a large-scale PV project comes with its questions and challenges. Beyond the previously-discussed supply chain, there are also numerous complex issues around permitting, as the planning of projects needs to be coherent with the territorial procedures under the new law. The EPC process will in turn also impact the operational phase of assets, and emphasizes the need for optimized stakeholder management. Learn from the experts about tips and red flags in scaling and running large-scale PV projects.


Alex Metz


Marceau Leroux

Enerparc AG

Ignacio Granda Lutz


Christophe Rohel


Eric Dewasmes

Elum Energy

Pauline Ganivet


Session Topics:
  • Maximizing asset management: successful O&M practices
  • Key considerations around permitting and licensing in France
  • The EPC & Asset Management Dynamics for French utility-scale PV plants


Harvesting Solar and the Soil: Advancing Agrivoltaics in France


60 min.


Pierre Guerrier

Solvéo Énergie

Jean-Michel Lamothe

Fédération Française des Producteurs Agrivoltaiques (FFPA)

Jeanne Rooy

Green Lighthouse Developments (GLHD)

Camille Oliveau

TSE Energy

Violaine Tarizzo

Direction générale de l’énergie et du climat (DGEC)

Christophe Thomas


Isabelle Decombeix

Enoe Énergie

Antoine Nogier

France Agrivoltaïsme

Session Topics:
  • The position of agrivoltaics in the law of the acceleration of renewable energies
  • Scoping the different Agri-PV applications: livestock and crops
  • Turning solar into a complementary tool for sustainable agriculture: the farmers perspective


Afternoon Networking Break

Don't miss out on the chance to learn from industry leaders and forge new connections that could open doors for you and your business.

Session Topics:

Session 4

Designing a Future-Proof Electricity Market Network in France


Developing Green Hydrogen as a Decarbonization Tool: Economics of Green Hydrogen in France


10 min.

Hydrogen remains a flagship topic in the energy transition. Learn more about the projects and ambitions of hydrogen in France, to meet its net zero objectives.

Alexandre Danthine

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • What is the current electrolyzers pipeline in France and Europe?
  • Which are the main business models for hydrogen electrolyser investments?
  • How to deliver the lowest green hydrogen in France?


France's New Electric Era: Facilitating the Deployment of Renewables to the Grid


10 min.

Join the DSO to hear the latest unveiling about the capacity tool of the distribution network. This is especially relevant for developers, looking to connect their new assets to the grid.

Géraldine Jammy


Session Topics:
  • Identifying the right connecting areas


Balancing the Future’s Energy Supply: From Storage to Smart Grids


40 min.

How to connect renewables faster, cheaper, and still ensure a reliable grid? And what is the capacity of the grid network to integrate new means of energy production? Grid balancing and flexibility will be at the core of France's new electrical system. Find out more from leading associations, institutions and players how to to safeguard the French electricity net of the future.


Régis le Drézen

Think Smartgrids

Pierre Parent

Ze Energy

Vincent Mathely


Corentin Baschet

Clean Horizon

Session Topics:
  • Innovation: batteries and hybrid systems for storage projects
  • Flexibility at the core of the new electrical system
  • Building successful business models and revenue streams with storage


Extended Networking Drinks

Grab a soft drink, glass of wine, or a nice cold beer, and discuss the shining solar ambitions for the coming year!

Session Topics:

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