Solarplaza Summit | Spain

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Wednesday 5 July 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

The Networking Event will take place in Descaro Restaurante

Thursday 6 July 2023



Welcome Coffee

45 min.

Session Topics:


Conference Kick-Off

15 min.

Why invest in Spanish solar, conference goals and networking opportunities

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:


Ensuring a Successful Solar Future


Opening Panel: Realizing The Next Generation of Solar Assets


45 min.


Marta del Amo


Shaheer Hussam

Clean Power Research

Carolina Nester


Kim Keats


Juan Luis Cantón

Lightsource bp

Jorge de Miguel

Aquila Clean Energy

Session Topics:
  • Overcoming the quest for talent
  • Learnings from the last 10 years in solar
  • The next steps in the solar revolution in Spain


Grid Curtailment in Spain: Rising Threat for Solar Developers


20 min.

Spain has consistently been ranked one of the Top 5 markets for solar energy in Europe, potentially the largest unsubsidized solar market in the world - and this incredible growth is surpassing the original forecasts set out by the government. What is Spain’s strategic outlook in terms of solar and how do you best prepare for grid congestion?

Alexandre Danthine

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • Market conceptualization
  • Facts, figures and mid-year check of 2023 goals
  • Overview of main challenges and opportunities related to grid congestion


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

SESSION 2A - Development & Financing

Mastering Development: From Licensing to Energy Storage


Set Your Sails: Navigating the Complex Sea of Permitting and Licensing in Spain


40 min.

Have you wondered about how you can ensure that you get access to a grid connection point or how to make sure your project qualifies for the capacity contests/auction schemes in Spain? Then allow the experts to clarify this for you.


Arturo Herrero


Francisco Solchaga

Araoz & Rueda

Alejandro Labanda


Session Topics:
  • Concursos de capacidad: what and how
  • How much capacity is available from the grid and where?
  • How is REE planning to manage the huge pipeline of incoming projects?


Developer's Roundtable


40 min.

From the moment a new project is conceptualized, numerous challenges, questions and opportunities arise. Learn from the experts and find out the winning models for developing solar projects in Spain.


Josefin Berg

S&P Global Commodity Insights

José Ángel Pérez

ABO Wind

Victoria Azancot

Shell Group

Julius Weidemann


Irene Reyes

Quintas Advisory

Session Topics:
  • Finding the right development approach and partners for greenfield development
  • Biggest challenges in developing new projects
  • Finding the right land for the right project
  • How to make teamwork make the dream work
  • Maintaining profitability while dealing with the market agility


Hybridization of Projects: Energy Storage Case Study


30 min.

There is an increasing need for battery storage applications in order to safeguard the reliability of green energy distribution at any time and avoid curtailment of this precious resource. Storage can offer multiple solutions to energy providers as well as ancillary services to its asset owners. Gain insights and practical lessons learned during this session and take charge of your storage strategy.

Miguel Marroquin

Our New Energy

Daniel Fernández Marcos

One Solar

Session Topics:
  • Examining novel approaches for effective hybridization of solar and wind assets
  • Increasing grid stability and lowering peak load
  • Know-how on investment planning, system design and system operation for project developers.
  • Case Study Review of an energy storage project in Spain

SESSION 2B - Asset Management

Asset Management Fundamentals


Bridging the Gap: From Development to Construction to Asset Management and back


40 min.

Before operations start, you have to make considerations in the development and construction phase that will impact the O&M of a project. What are critical changes that cost asset managers the most time and money and what are the changes that support the most efficient management of an asset? Join this session to bridge the gap between developers, EPC’s and Asset Managers.


Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Marta Valien

Foresight Group

Venugopal Shakergayen


Jesús Boccio

BlueTree Group

Matias Gallego

Optimize Energy

Session Topics:
  • Effects of construction on the O&M phase
  • EPC pitfalls that will affect operations in the future
  • Quality and reliability of components
  • Using digital tools to document quality of the construction and O&M services


A Maturing Market: The Increasingly Important Role of O&M


40 min.

Solar in Spain is maturing, and so are its assets. As Spain reaches almost 20 GW of cumulative solar capacity, the need for experienced operations also grows. Join this session to find out the true cost of O&M and take the management of your assets to the next level.


Alex Rudnicki

Vigdu Technologies

Lluis Juncosa

Canadian Solar O&M

Estefanía Orellana


Julián Ascencio-Vásquez


Session Topics:
  • Impact of novel technology on O&M decision-making
  • The true cost of O&M
  • New tasks that asset managers need to be aware of
  • The role of digitalization in asset management
  • Performance modelling: assumptions and learnings
  • Inhouse vs. outsourcing


O&M Fundamentals: Soiling & Cleaning


30 min.

Once a solar project is operational, a lot of attention should be given to making sure this asset operates to the best of its capacity. Soiling can greatly reduce a panel’s efficiency and result in the decreasing yield of a project overall. Join this session to master one of the basics of asset management and what are feasible actions that can be taken to ensure the most sustainable approach to soiling.

David Gomez Jimenez


Eran Meller


Session Topics:
  • Cost of cleaning vs profitability loss due to soiling
  • Vegetation management and land stewardship
  • A sustainability approach to soiling and water management
  • Comparison of soiling solutions


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

SESSION 3A - Development & Financing

Money talks: Finance & M&A


The Bottom Line: Financing Solar in Spain


30 min.

Javier Huergo Cruzado

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

Raúl González Barrio

Enerparc AG

Session Topics:
  • Merchant financing vs PPAs
  • How is revenue hedging changing investor perception?
  • How is CAPEX volatility and supply chain constraints affecting funding?
  • Technological diversification and its implications on sustainable investing
  • Changes in power purchase agreement dynamics


Mastering M&A Transactions in Solar


40 min.


Tomás García


Lucía González


Amadeu Anguela

Plenium Partners

Guillermo Entrecanales

Incus Capital

Session Topics:
  • Acquiring projects that fit your portfolio
  • M&A pitfalls and challenges
  • Lessons learned from successful project acquisition
  • Valuation of contracts with service providers and offtakers
  • Due diligence process M&A strategies: how to grow portfolios

SESSION 3B - Asset Management

Plant Resilience and Performance


Floating Future: The Significant Potential of FPV in Spain


20 min.

Andrés Franco

Isigenere - Isifloating

Session Topics:
  • Overview & learnings from recent FPV Projects
  • Regulatory changes & considerations
  • Issues & benefits


End of Lifecycle Management: Reuse, Repower, Recycle


20 min.

Stefan Wippich


Session Topics:
  • Practical examples of successful repowering cases
  • Understanding the right criteria for repowering
  • Under addressed challenges in repowering
  • How can existing assets be upgraded in order to improve efficiency
  • Analyzing the choice of components aimed at increasing installed capacity and annual production
  • Overview and price comparison of latest technologies on the market available for asset managers


Afternoon Networking Break

Session Topics:


Energy Autonomy and Self-Consumption


Energy Independence in Spain: The Continuous Rise of Self-consumption


30 min.

Beyond its massive utility scale solar market, Spain is growing its self-consumption market having deployed 2.5GW of self-consumption solar in 2022. This is more than double the installed capacity of the previous year, adding to a total of 5.25GW of installed self-consumption capacity. Join this session to gain key insights on the market split for solar in Spain (Residential/C&I/Utility) and the opportunities available beyond the utility-scale market.


Jaime Goyanes


Alejandro Diego Rosell


María Colom


Gabriel Molinero

EDP Renewables

Javier Becerra

Quantica Renovables

Session Topics:

Collaboration with real estate developers and industrial offtakers


Conference Wrap-Up


10 min.

Highlights, takeaways and looking forward to Solarplaza Summit Spain 2024

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

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