Solarplaza Summit | Romania

Wednesday 26 April 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

The Networking Event will take place in Linea / Closer to the moon

Thursday 27 April 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Remarks by Solarplaza

15 min.

Nicola Kopij Zanin


Teodora Tompea


Session Topics:

Session 1

Market Update - Challenges, Trends, and Outlook


Mapping the State of Solar in Romania: Key Opportunities and Challenges


30 min.

Cristina Irene Mihai

Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA)

Session Topics:
  • Overview of the current status of solar PV in Romania
  • The dynamics Romania faces within the EU and on the global stage
  • The growth path of solar in Romania
  • The opportunities, challenges within the short and long term


The Legislative Landscape for Solar Development in Romania: A Practical Overview


35 min.

Oana Ijdelea

Ijdelea & Associates

Session Topics:
  • How Ordinance 119/2022 is shaping the solar industry in Romania
  • Exploring the impact of recent land law amendments on greenfield PV plant permitting
  • Getting a clear picture of the latest rules and solar incentives
  • PV permitting roadmap and timeline
  • Amendments to Land Law No. 18/1991: speeding up the process of PV development on agricultural land below 50 hectares in size


Morning Coffee Break

Last year, 88% Of attendees said they made a valuable business connection during the conference. Now's the time to start making those connections!

Session Topics:

Session 2

Regulatory Framework and Policy Outlook


Long-term Governmental Outlook and Roadmap


30 min.


Teodora Tompea


George-Sergiu Niculescu

Romanian Ministry of Energy

Session Topics:
  • Policy prospects to ensure that Romania achieves projected national and EU solar targets
  • What's needed to reach the country’s urgent national climate goals?
  • Proposals to deal with the issue of lack of contracts with the NRRP grant scheme
  • Major upcoming opportunities for international stakeholders to enter the Romanian market
  • How the Romanian government intends to support local and international PV projects


The Upcoming Renewable Auction Scheme in Romania


30 min.

Session Topics:
  • Main market opportunities related to the first CfD round - expected in 2H 2023
  • Rules, bidding procedures, open dates and mechanisms of the auction scheme


Networking Lunch Break

Mingle with the mixed crowd of local and international stakeholders, developers, service providers, investors, and more!

Session Topics:

Session 3

Investments and Bankability


Solar Financing: Successfully ensuring Project Bankability


30 min.

Solar Financing will be explored through two presentations presenting the perspectives of a Social Investment Bank and a Commercial Bank

Mihaela Mihailescu

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Sebastian Mihai Staicu

Banca Comercială Română

Session Topics:
  • Main financing structures for large-scale projects
  • How a bank adapts to the changing legal environment and rising interest rates
  • How to meet a bank's expectations and successfully secure long-term financing


Strategies for the Development of Large-scale Projects in Romania


60 min.

Filip Sypko

Green Genius

Ciprian Glodeanu

Glodeanu & Partners

László Szabó

Electron Holding

Florian Kneidinger


Favi Stelian

Nofar Energy

Pawel Czaus

Nomad Electric

Session Topics:
  • Tips & red flags for international developers in the Romanian market
  • Critical issues related to project development
  • Comparing auction strategies to PPA models from the perspective of different stakeholders - pros & cons
  • Mitigating supply chain disruptions and price volatility
  • Dealing with hyperinflation


Afternoon Coffee Break

Another opportunity to expand your network. Why not use our bespoke networking app to schedule a 1-on-1 to meet exactly who you came here to meet?

Session Topics:

Session 4

Best Practices for Tech & Solutions for Innovation


Best Practices for Module Technologies and Applications


20 min.

Vitor Rodrigues


Session Topics:
  • Where are we now: the state of PV-technology in the Romania
  • Technology roadmap for the coming years, what to expect in terms of efficiency and future yields


The Development & Power of Storage Solutions in Romania


20 min.

Bogdan Stan


Session Topics:
  •  How and where storage applications can be deployed 
  • The step-by-step process for adding a battery to your solar plant 
  • ROI and other key metrics for storage solutions 
  • Maximising and stabilizing connection points


Scaling Solar Projects in Romania with the Right Technology Applications


35 min.

Evangelos Makrygiannis

Jinko Solar

Session Topics:
  • How can new assets be optimized in terms of new applications to improve efficiency?
  • Analyzing the choice of components aimed at increasing installed capacity and annual production
  • Overview and price comparison of the latest technologies on the market available for asset managers


Networking Drinks

Grab a soft drink, glass of wine, or a nice cold beer, and discuss the shining solar ambitions for the coming year!

Session Topics:

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