Solarplaza Summit | Romania

Wednesday 24 April 2024



Registration and Morning Coffee

20 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Remarks & Energizer


10 min.

Dee Yon Chng


Session Topics:

Session 1

Market Outlook for a Dynamic Romanian Solar Landscape


Get Up to Date With the Romanian PV Market


30 min.

Embark on a journey into Romania's solar energy landscape! According to ANRE, Romania’s installed capacity will increase by around 35% by 2030 from 2020, due to the deployment of new solar capacity: 3,692 MW by 2030. Discover the latest market trends, ongoing projects, and upcoming investments. Gain insights into the market's division among residential, commercial & industrial, and utility sectors. Uncover the cost competitiveness of solar energy, lighting the path for a sustainable future.

Cristina Irene Mihai

Romanian Photovoltaic Industry Association (RPIA)

Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Status of projects and investments in the pipeline
  • Overview of market split (Residential/C&I/Utility)
  • Cost competitiveness of solar in Romania


The Permitting Landscape for Utility-Scale Solar Development in Romania: A Practical Overview


30 min.

Explore the evolving legal landscape impacting greenfield utility-scale PV plant permitting, gain insights into the latest rules and incentives, and understand the PV permitting process and timelines for a broader perspective on rolling out new solar projects in Romania.

Oana Ijdelea

Ijdelea & Associates

Session Topics:
  • Exploring the impact of recent law amendments on greenfield PV plant permitting
  • Getting a clear picture of the latest rules and incentives
  • Utility-Scale PV permitting roadmap and timeline


Morning Networking Break

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Session Topics:

Session 2

Accelerating Solar Development in Romania with the Right Strategies


Understanding the Code of Good Practice for Renewable Energy in Romania by the Romanian Energy Regulatory Authority (ANRE)


30 min.

The Code is a comprehensive document that provides an up-to-date perspective on the energy sector in the national and regional context, on the development of wind and solar projects, and not least on sustainable financing opportunities and best practices. ANRE President George Niculescu reiterated the Authority’s openness to support investments in the renewable energy sector, but also stressed that, as ANRE President, he puts consumers’ interests first. What does it mean in practive for the PV industry?

Session Topics:


How Market Leader Developers & IPPs Approach the Romanian PV Market


45 min.

Romania's first auction for a contracts-for-difference (CfD) support scheme has tender 2 GW of solar and wind capacity, backed by 15-year power purchase agreements (PPAs). What do the main industry players think about such initiatives and what strategies do they adopt to maximize the rollout of PV in Romania?

Bogdan Plutariu

Energy Element

Andreea Gilicel

Nofar Energy

Laimonas Dapšys

Green Genius

Session Topics:


  • Understanding the Romanian CfD support scheme
  • Prospects for PPAs in Romania
  • Overcoming grid constraints and land availability: how to effectively develop Utility-Scale projects and minimize time to COD


Networking Lunch Break

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Session Topics:

Session 3

Technical Solutions Applied to Large Scale Projects


Effective Storage Applications to Large Scale PV Plants in Romania


20 min.

Uncover the strategic deployment of storage applications, the process of integrating batteries into solar plants, key ROI metrics, and optimizing connection points for a comprehensive exploration of large-scale solar energy in Romania.

Session Topics:


Optimal Approaches to Maximize Project Efficiency Through Module Technologies


20 min.

Gain critical knowledge about the latest module technologies and how they can be applied to different solar applications, such as rooftop installations and utility-scale projects. We will cover topics such as module efficiency, durability, and reliability. By learning about the best practices for selecting the right module technology for a specific project, participants will gain a competitive edge in their work.

Session Topics:


Future-proofing & Scaling Solar Projects in Romania: Mastering Technology Applications


40 min.

EPC companies play a crucial role in overseeing solar PV projects, ensuring timely, budget-friendly, and high-quality construction. In Romania, the growing scale of solar PV plants emphasizes the increasing significance of solar PV asset management, with innovations like predictive maintenance and AI-based monitoring optimizing performance and operations. This session explores the pivotal relationship between EPCs and Asset Management, emphasizing the impact of an asset manager's approach during development and construction on long-term ease of operation.


Filip Sypko

Menlo Electric

Miguel Antonio Jiménez Romero

AJ Construction

Session Topics:


Afternoon Networking Break

Whether you're looking to connect with professionals from a specific sector or want to build relationships across the entire solar PV value chain, our event offers a unique chance to engage with experts from across the industry.

Session Topics:

Session 4

Financing & Developing Large Scale PV projects in Romania


Optimizing Project Financing for Utility-Scale Solar Projects


25 min.

Amidst inflation and volatile spot prices, it can be tricky to secure project financing at satisfactory terms. Gain insights into project attractiveness for financiers, essential financing terms, the future of PPAs in Romania, risk hedging strategies, and a review of recent deals in the market.

Adina Andreescu

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Session Topics:
  • Are banks willing to commit to pure merchant projects
  • What makes a project attractive for financiers
  • What are the key terms to meet to obtain project financing
  • What future and scenarios for PPAs in Romania Strategies for hedging short & long-term risks


Closing Keynote: Where is the Romanian Utility-Scale PV Market Headed Towards


25 min.

Session Topics:


Closing Remarks

5 min.

Dee Yon Chng


Session Topics:


Networking Bites & Drinks

Session Topics:

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