Solarplaza Summit | Italy


Rodolfo Bigolin - Innovo Group

Rodolfo Bigolin


Annarita Mitola - BFP Service

Annarita Mitola


Luca Marchisio - Terna

Luca Marchisio

Head of Strategy

Enrico Meneghetti - Espe SpA

Enrico Meneghetti


Alberto Paturzo - Bluefield Partners LLP

Alberto Paturzo

Managing Director, Southern Europe

Alessandro Cohen - Armon Capital Advisory

Alessandro Cohen

Founding Managing Partner

Tommaso Barbetti - Elemens

Tommaso Barbetti


Fabrizio Bonemazzi - None

Fabrizio Bonemazzi

Independent RE Expert and Market Advisor

Dario Gallanti - Our New Energy

Dario Gallanti


Carlo Montella - Green Horse Advisory

Carlo Montella

Managing Partner and Co-Founder

Virginia Canazza - MBS Consulting

Virginia Canazza


Luca Matrone - Intesa Sanpaolo

Luca Matrone

Global Head of Energy

Paolo Rocco Viscontini - ITALIA SOLARE

Paolo Rocco Viscontini


Giuseppe Mastropieri - GreenGo Srl

Giuseppe Mastropieri

CEO and Founder

Matteo Riccieri - VIRIDIS Energia

Matteo Riccieri


Stefano Cavriani - EGO Energy

Stefano Cavriani

Founder & Director

Marco Pellegrino - Obton

Marco Pellegrino

Associate Director, Markets Portfolio Management

Nicola Kopij Zanin - Solarplaza

Nicola Kopij Zanin

Project Manager

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