Solarplaza Summit | Hungary

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Tuesday 5 December 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

Join us at the Pre-Conference Networking Event, a solar-powered soirée that will energize connections and conversations before the Solarplaza Summit Hungary. Let's gather under the sun's glow to spark new partnerships and savor delicious bites while discussing the future of sustainable energy.

The Networking Event will take place in New York Café

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Wednesday 6 December 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Start your day with checking in and coffee, igniting your journey into solar innovation and networking excellence.

Session Topics:


Opening & Welcome by Solarplaza


15 min.

Nicola Kopij Zanin


Session Topics:


Market Outlook for a Dynamic Hungarian Solar Landscape


Powering the Future: Hungary's Roadmap for Solar Energy Development


35 min.

Embark on a journey into Hungary's solar energy landscape! Discover the latest market trends, ongoing projects, and upcoming investments. Gain insights into the market's division among residential, commercial & industrial, and utility sectors. Uncover the cost competitiveness of solar energy, lighting the path for a sustainable future.

Erno Kiss

MNNSZ - Hungarian Photovoltaic and Solar Collector Association

Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Status of projects and investments in the pipeline
  • Overview of market split (Residential/C&I/Utility)
  • Cost competitiveness of solar in the Hungary


The Legislative Landscape for Solar Development in Hungary: A Practical Overview


40 min.

Explore the evolving legal landscape impacting greenfield PV plant permitting, gain insights into the latest rules and incentives, and understand the PV permitting process and timelines for a broader perspective on solar development in Hungary.

Krisztina Vauver


Peter Horvai-Hillenbrand


Session Topics:
  • Exploring the impact of recent law amendments on greenfield PV plant permitting
  • Getting a clear picture of the latest rules and incentives
  • PV permitting roadmap and timeline


Morning Networking Break

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Session Topics:


Initiatives by Public Bodies to Accelerate Solar Development in Hungary


Latest Support Scheme for Energy Storage in Hungary


30 min.

Dive into the forefront of Hungary's energy evolution with MEKH as we unravel the latest support scheme for energy storage. Join MEKH's visionary speaker in exploring the regulatory intricacies, incentives, and transformative impacts on the dynamic landscape of energy storage in Hungary. 

Attila Bagi

MEKH - Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Authority

Session Topics:
  • Overview of existing support mechanisms
  • Examination of the evolving regulatory framework for energy storage
  • MEKH's efforts in fostering sustainable and competitive energy storage solutions
  • Insights into opportunities for existing or planned PV projects with grid connection rights
  • Anticipated developments and MEKH's role in shaping the future of energy storage in Hungary


The Efforts by the Hungarian TSO (MAVIR) to deploy more Solar in Hungary


30 min.

Uncover the proactive efforts undertaken by the Hungarian Transmission System Operator (MAVIR) to expand the presence of solar energy in Hungary. Explore their strategic approach, regulatory initiatives, and the impact on the country's solar energy landscape.

Máté Keresztesi


Session Topics:
  • MAVIR's strategic vision for increasing solar energy capacity in Hungary
  • Examination of regulatory initiatives and incentives designed to promote solar deployment
  • Insights into MAVIR's role in fostering a sustainable energy landscape
  • Implications for renewable energy investors and the broader energy sector


Networking Lunch Break

Our networking app makes it easy to schedule one-on-one meetings with any of the over 150+ attendees and 15+ speakers.

Session Topics:


Technical Solutions Applied to Large Scale Projects


Effective Storage Applications to Large Scale PV Plants in Hungary


30 min.

Uncover the strategic deployment of storage applications, the process of integrating batteries into solar plants, key ROI metrics, and optimizing connection points for a comprehensive exploration of large-scale solar energy in Hungary.

Julia Stryczyńska


Session Topics:
  • How and where storage applications can be deployed
  • The step-by-step process for adding a battery to your solar plant
  • ROI and other key metrics for storage solutions
  • Maximising and stabilizing connection points


Best practices for modules applications. System compatibility and technology roadmap


30 min.

During this presentation, you will acquire knowledge about the latest module technologies and how they can be applied to different solar applications, such as rooftop installations and utility-scale projects. We will cover topics such as module efficiency, durability, and reliability. By learning about the best practices for selecting the right module technology for a specific project, participants will gain a competitive edge in their work.

Chelsea Gao


Session Topics:
  • Latest advancements in Solar module technology
  • Innovative modules in diverse solar applications
  • Key attributes of module efficiency 
  • Best practices for selecting the ideal module technology and power output


Afternoon Networking Break

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Session Topics:


Financing & Developing Large Scale PV projects in Hungary


Developing Projects with an Satisfactory ROI in an Inflationary Environment and Declining Spot Prices


60 min.

Join our panel discussion on navigating project development amidst inflation and declining spot prices. Explore the readiness of developers and investors for merchant projects with negative spot prices. Gain insights into project attractiveness for financiers, essential financing terms, the future of PPAs in Hungary, risk hedging strategies, and a review of recent M&A deals.


Csaba Polgár


István Pócs

EDP Renewables

Mihály Ország

K&H Bank

Georg Hotar

Photon Energy

Imre Vass

Our New Energy

Róbert Szabó


Session Topics:
  • Are developers and investors willing to commit to pure merchant projects with negative spot prices?
  • What makes a project attractive for financiers
  • What are the key terms to meet to obtain project financing
  • What future and scenarios for PPAs in Hungary
  • Hedging short & long term risks
  • Overview of recent M&A transactions


Closing Remarks


10 min.

Nicola Kopij Zanin


Session Topics:


Networking Bites & Drinks

As you mingle and build your network, be sure to take a moment to enjoy a refreshing soft drink, glass of wine, or cold beer. While Hungarian solar PV experts represented approximately 50% of our attendees last year, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals from our global network, which includes countries such as Germany, Poland, Romania, Netherlands, Denmark and many more.

Session Topics:

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