Solarplaza Summit | Asset Management North America

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Michael Eyman - Origis Services

Michael Eyman

Managing Director

Amanda Bybee - Amicus O&M Cooperative

Amanda Bybee


Benoit Allehaut - KKR

Benoit Allehaut

Managing Director

Leigh Zanone - Avantus

Leigh Zanone

Senior Director Operations & Asset Management

Sarath Srinivasan - kWh Analytics

Sarath Srinivasan

Head of Risk Transfer Products

Etienne Lecompte - PowerHub

Etienne Lecompte


Nick de Vries - Silicon Ranch

Nick de Vries

Chief Technology Officer

Tara Narayanan - BloombergNEF

Tara Narayanan

Sr Associate

Erin Kivlehan - Clenera

Erin Kivlehan

Vice President of Asset Management

Leila Garcia da Fonseca - Wood Mackenzie

Leila Garcia da Fonseca

Director Renewables Research America

Kaushik Roy Choudhury - DuPont

Kaushik Roy Choudhury

Global Technical Leader

Nikhil Vadhavkar - Raptor Maps, Inc.

Nikhil Vadhavkar

Co-founder and CEO

Chris Frantz - Excelsior Energy Capital

Chris Frantz

Managing Director

Britta von Oesen - CRC-IB

Britta von Oesen

Partner & Managing Director

Paul Whitacre - SDCL Group

Paul Whitacre

Head Asset Management

Rue Philips - 365 Pronto

Rue Philips

Founder & President

Rohit Ogra - AP Solar Holdings

Rohit Ogra


Hao Shen - kWh Analytics

Hao Shen

Director of Strategy & Operations

Jason Feng - Omnidian

Jason Feng

Vice President Commercial Sales

John Schroeder - DEPCOM Power

John Schroeder


Kate Collardson - Omnidian

Kate Collardson

Senior Manager of Residential Operations

Ajulo Othow - Carolina Solar Services

Ajulo Othow

General Counsel

Alain Halimi - Nomura

Alain Halimi

Executive Director

Christos Georgopoulos - Power Factors

Christos Georgopoulos

Chief Grid & Market Integration Officer

Lynsey Tibbs - Silicon Ranch

Lynsey Tibbs

Vice President, Asset Management

Kevin Christy - Lightsource bp

Kevin Christy

Head of Innovation & Operational Excellence

Rob Andrews - Heliolytics

Rob Andrews


Joe Kastner - Radian Generation

Joe Kastner


Chioma Enechukwu - Madison Energy Infrastructure

Chioma Enechukwu

Director, Asset Management

Jon Previtali - Wells Fargo

Jon Previtali

Director Technology & Technical Services

Ann Gaglioti - GroundWork Renewables

Ann Gaglioti

Founder & CEO

Patrick Keelin - Clean Power Research

Patrick Keelin

Lead Product Manager

Zoe Berkery - CleanCapital

Zoe Berkery

Chief Operating Officer

Will Troppe - Power Factors

Will Troppe

Director of Product

Kelsey Wood - Greenbacker Capital

Kelsey Wood

Asset Manager

Alan Stearns - Lockton Companies LLC

Alan Stearns

Senior Vice President

Camelia Miu - Nautilus Solar

Camelia Miu


Bernhard Schuetz - SMA

Bernhard Schuetz

Head Product Group Service

Travis McKee - Sungrow

Travis McKee

Director of Service North America

Blerta Kumbaro - BayWa r.e.

Blerta Kumbaro

Director Asset Management

Jenya Meydbray - PVEL - PV Evolution Labs

Jenya Meydbray


Reegan Moen - SOLV Energy

Reegan Moen

VP of Business Development

Diana Weis - U.S. Bank

Diana Weis

Vice President and Assistant Director

PJ Vigilante - EDP Renewables

PJ Vigilante

Asset Management

Dave Doerner - ICF

Dave Doerner

Manager Solar Practice

Vania Mesrob - Goldman Sachs

Vania Mesrob

O&M Lead

Sharifa Dunn - AlsoEnergy

Sharifa Dunn

Director of Product Marketing

Auston Taber - Solar Support

Auston Taber

Chief Executive Officer and Founder

Chaim Grushko - Soltage, LLC

Chaim Grushko

Senior Vice President - Portfolio Management

William White - Solar Energy International

William White

Director of Business Development

Danny Splettstosser - The AES Corporation

Danny Splettstosser

Director, Commercial Portfolio Execution

Andrew Griffiths - Nextracker

Andrew Griffiths

Vice President, Asset Management

Ray Casey - Nextracker

Ray Casey

Sr Director. Technical Product Management

Sarie Lovell - Generate Capital

Sarie Lovell

Head of Asset Management

Anand Narayanan - Arevon Energy

Anand Narayanan

VP Asset Management

Gregory Shambo - Cleanleaf Energy

Gregory Shambo

Vice President, O&M Sales and BD

Mark Porter - CEBA

Mark Porter

Vice President of Programs

Isaac McLean - kWh Analytics

Isaac McLean

Chief Underwriting Officer

Eric Wesoff - Canary Media

Eric Wesoff

Editorial Director

Marc Toy - CAC Specialty

Marc Toy

Executive Vice President

Kait Adler - Goldman Sachs

Kait Adler

VP Asset Operations

Tim Montague - Clean Power Consulting Group

Tim Montague


Asif Alam - Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence

Asif Alam

Chief Strategy Officer

Jason Raymond - Boralex

Jason Raymond

Solar Operations Manager

Sean Hackett - Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)

Sean Hackett

Technical Leader

Scott Byer - Lightsource bp

Scott Byer

Director of Origination

Myra Gardiner - Bay4 Energy Services, LLC

Myra Gardiner

VP Asset Optimization & Management

Jonathan Fort - MaxSolar

Jonathan Fort

Vice President of Operations

Lorena Nieuwenhoven - Solarplaza

Lorena Nieuwenhoven

Project Manager

Alfonso Barrenechea - Solarplaza

Alfonso Barrenechea

Project Manager Solar Asset Management

Aaron Bingham - BayWa r.e.

Aaron Bingham

Product Manager

Chris Raupp - SOLV Energy

Chris Raupp

Sr. Performance Engineering Manager

Brian Mills - Stäubli

Brian Mills

Head of Renewable Energy North America

Blaine Sundwall - EDF Renewables North America

Blaine Sundwall

Regional Vice President, Asset Optimization

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