Solarplaza Summit Asset Management North America 2022

Tuesday 5 April 2022

Seminar & Networking Event

Building a Resilient, Skilled & Diverse Solar Workforce

Wednesday 6 April 2022

Conference Program Day 1

Welcome Coffee and Registration
Session Topics:
Welcome Remarks by the Conference Chairman
Alfonso Barrenechea Solarplaza
Session Topics:
Session I

Solar’s Future in North America

Is the Solar Industry Ready for Adulthood?
Benoit Allehaut KKR
Session Topics:
  • What to expect when you are expecting. Are you really ready?
  • Is the deflationary environment and low interest party over?
  • A new generation of asset owners. What do they want? What should they want?
  • A new generation of products. Dispatchable power is coming of age. Time to adapt.
Solar Market Outlook
Leila Garcia da Fonseca Wood Mackenzie
Session Topics:
  • Reviewing North America’s operational solar capacity
  • Preliminary analysis of 2022 growth and development
  • Trends in technology deployment
Moving to the Next Level in Solar Deployment
Eric Wesoff Canary Media
Danny Splettstosser AES
Zoe Berkery CleanCapital
Session Topics:
  • Reviewing the energy plans of the Biden administration
  • ITC extension effects
  • Key themes that have shaped solar in the past year
AM Networking Break
Session Topics:
Session II A

Futureproofing Operations & Maintenance

Don't just centralize, integrate!
Christos Georgopoulos INACCESS
Session Topics:
  • The data quality pillar and its pitfalls
  • Solving inefficiencies of different platforms, systems, onboarding methods, and costs
  • Leveraging technology to manage cost-effectively an increasingly distributed portfolio
  • Transparency between Asset Owners, O&M providers, and Asset Managers
Improving Asset Value Through O&M Digitalization
Vania Mesrob Goldman Sachs
Rue Philips 365 Pronto
Blaine Sundwall EDF Renewables
Session Topics:
  • Next step in operations digitalizations
  • Separating digital facts from fiction
  • Creating a feedback loop that will facilitate asset management
O&M Contracting in a Consolidating Industry
Paul Whitacre SDCL Group
Nikhil Vadhavkar Raptor Maps, Inc.
Chioma Enechukwu Madison Energy Investments
Jason Feng Omnidian
Myra Gardiner Bay4 Energy Services, LLC
Session Topics:
  • Effects of secondary markets
  • The role of labor
  • Key contract elements to look for when doing M&A
Session II B

Safeguarding Portfolio Value

Lessons Learned from the Growing Solar Fleet
Hao Shen kWh Analytics
Lynsey Tibbs Silicon Ranch
Kevin Christy Lightsource BP
Anand Narayanan Arevon Energy
Session Topics:
  • State of the growing US Solar Fleet
  • Performance modeling: assumptions and learnings
  • Performance management and operational excellence: KPIs and benchmarking
Secondary Markets and M&A
Lorena Nieuwenhoven Solarplaza
Asif Alam ThoughtTrace
Britta von Oesen CohnReznick Capital
Scott Byer Lightsource BP
Session Topics:
  • Valuation of contracts with service providers and offtakers
  • Due diligence process
  • M&A strategies: how to grow portfolios
PM Lunch Break
Session Topics:
Session III A

Plant Resilience & Performance

Ann Gaglioti GroundWork Renewables
Jon Previtali Wells Fargo
Patrick Keelin Clean Power Research
Chris Raupp SOLV Energy
Session Topics:
  • Uncertainty in solar irradiation modelling: changes in the last few years
  • The use cases for real-time solar irradiance datasets in asset management
  • Effective vs calculated irradiance
  • Making a case for providing additional data for loss factors
Extreme Weather Impacts
Jason Raymond Boralex
Kaushik Roy Choudhury DuPont
John Schroeder DEPCOM Power
Travis McKee Sungrow
Session Topics:
  • How to minimize risk of damage from natcat events
  • What can be insured and what can not?
  • Resolving damage after it’s done
Session III B

Derisking Revenue

Merchant Hedging Strategies
Tara Narayanan BloombergNEF
Joe Kastner Radian Generation
Rohit Ogra AP Solar Holdings
Session Topics:
  • Potential solutions for developers and owners to balance power pricing
  • What role do asset managers play in a project with a merchant strategy or hedge
  • Short term vs long term contracts
  • Aligning plant design with merchant strategy
Storage Asset Management: Managing Operations
Jenya Meydbray PVEL - PV Evolution Labs
Leigh Zanone 8minute Solar Energy
Will Troppe Power Factors
Session Topics:
  • Implications of the different storage business models on managing operations
  • Operating storage assets: O&M considerations
  • Learnings from the early stage operations of storage assets
PM Networking Break

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Session Topics:
Session IV

Closing Panel Day 1

True Cost of O&M and Asset Management
Tim Montague Clean Power Consulting Group
Michael Eyman Origis Services
Erin Kivlehan Clēnera
Anand Narayanan Arevon Energy
Session Topics:
  • Scoping contract responsibilities: what is in and out of scope?
  • Who is bearing what risk?
  • Hidden costs: where can unexpected surprises pop up?
Networking Drinks

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Session Topics:
Networking Dinner (sold out)

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The conference Networking Dinner will take place in The Skyline Room, the top floor of the conference venue.

Session Topics:

Thursday 7 April 2022

Conference Program Day 2

Welcome Coffee and Registration
Session Topics:
Welcome remarks by the Conference Chairman
Alfonso Barrenechea Solarplaza
Session Topics:
Session V

Enabling a Holistic Transition

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Solar Asset Management
Amanda Bybee Amicus O&M Cooperative
Ajulo Othow Carolina Solar Services
Kate Collardson Omnidian
Aaron Bingham BayWa r.e.
Session Topics:
  • Beyond race and gender: thinking expansively about diversity
  • Best practices in hiring, managing and company culture
  • Deploying the benefits of solar to more communities
AM Networking Break

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Session Topics:
Session VI A

O&M Planning for Long-Term Applications

Design & EPC Considerations for Optimal Operations
Reegan Moen SOLV Energy
Nick de Vries Silicon Ranch
Brian Mills Stäubli
Rob Andrews Heliolytics
Session Topics:
  • “Greening up” your practices
  • Importance of documentation
  • A holistic approach to your project
Solar Insurance: Paradigm Shift in the Market
Isaac McLean kWh Analytics
Alan Stearns Lockton Companies LLC
Ray Casey Nextracker
Kait Adler Goldman Sachs
Jonathan Fort MaxSolar
Session Topics:
  • Aligning price expectations with pricing realities
  • Key indicators for good and bad insurance contracts
  • O&Ms increasing importance in the insurance schemes
Session VI B

Managing Growth Sustainably

Managing Scale and Growth in DG sustainably
Greg Shambo Borrego O&M
Zoe Berkery CleanCapital
Kelsey Wood Greenbacker Group
Diana Weis U.S. Bank
PJ Vigilante EDP Renewables North America
Session Topics:
  • Effective asset management strategies across different regions
  • Scaling up asset management practices in growing DG portfolios (labour component)
  • Efficient asset aggregation and financing structures to minimize due diligence and transaction costs
Large Scale Portfolio Growth
Marc Toy CAC Specialty
Blerta Kumbaro BayWa r.e.
Sharifa Dunn AlsoEnergy
Jason Raymond Boralex
Session Topics:
  • Challenges in growing your portfolio sustainably
  • Identifying processes that can be automated
  • Pain Points when scaling your utility scale portfolio
  • Sharing success stories & learnings
PM Lunch Break
Session Topics:
Session VII A

Optimizing Operations

Sean Hackett Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Chris Frantz Excelsior Energy Capital
Dave Doerner ICF
Auston Taber Solar Support
Session Topics:
  • Inverter replacement: process review
  • Technological pitfalls to take into account
  • Understanding solar degradation assumptions
  • Translating component repowering into feasible business models
Session VII B

Minimizing Risk

Sarath Srinivasan kWh Analytics
Alain Halimi Nomura
Camelia Miu Nautilus Solar
Chaim Grushko Soltage, LLC
Session Topics:
  • Refinancing motivations of project sponsors
  • Bridging the “no man’s land” between asset management and finance
  • Optimizing operational considerations around refinancing
  • The logistical works of a refinancing effort
Session VIII

Plenary Closing

The Offtaker Perspective
Mark Porter CEBA
Session Topics:
  • Trends in sourcing renewable energy by corporations
  • Their efforts and toughest barriers in reaching climate goals
  • How renewable energy (especially solar) contributes to reaching carbon reduction goals
  • How energy suppliers can accommodate energy buyers in their needs (meeting of supply and demand)
Realizing The Next Generation of Solar Assets
Alfonso Barrenechea Solarplaza
Etienne Lecompte PowerHub
Andrew Griffiths Nextracker
Sarie Lovell Generate Capital
Session Topics:
  • Developments in project financing
  • Challenges as the industry continues to grow and deploys more assets
  • Future proofing asset management practices
Closing Networking Drinks
Session Topics:

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