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22 April 2024


Maintaining the Momentum of Greece’s Renewable Energy Transition

Solarplaza Summit Greece Solar & Storage combines local know-how and global experience

ROTTERDAM - 4 April 2024 - After another year of landmark growth, the Greek solar industry aims to maintain momentum. Changing regulatory conditions and new investment prospects are set to shake up the market this year, however. The fifth edition of the Solarplaza Summit Greece Solar & Storage will unite local and international market players to assess the major challenges and opportunities of the country’s solar market. Together with the audience, the experts on stage will assess potential learnings from abroad, and dive deeper into Greece’s boosted energy storage market. 

By installing almost 1.6 GW of new solar capacity, Greece bumped up its cumulative solar PV capacity number to 7.1 GW by the end of last year. Witnessing a 20% year-on-year growth, the expansion of the Greek solar market was propelled by both the utility-scale and residential segments. Greece is anticipated to add 10.9 GW of fresh solar capacity between 2024 and 2027, with PV technology expected to dominate most of the renewable auctions until 2025. 

As the large uptake of renewables has been resulting in grid congestion issues, Greece is increasingly promoting energy storage through successive auctions that will help the country to create a competitive energy storage market and encourage private investments in the space. 

Though the outlook remains positive, Greece's solar market also faces significant strategic challenges regarding grid issues like curtailment, newly defined interconnection terms, and changing market and regulatory frameworks. 

The Solarplaza Summit Greece Solar & Storage provides a vital platform for stakeholders to navigate these complexities and discuss them with other European players who are faced with similar challenges and can provide insights into their own journeys. It unites industry leaders, investors, and innovators to discuss global solar trends and their impact on Greece's energy landscape. Join us to help shape Greece’s sustainable energy future and collaborate around today's challenges!

Solarplaza Summit Greece
26 September 2024 - Athens, Greece
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