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Dutch PV Market Cruxes: Grid Capacity Solutions & Financial Outlook

with Nienke Rijpstra (StartGreen Capital) , Rogier Roobeek (DNV)

Two main issues for the further development of Solar PV in the Netherlands involve the timely obtainment of a grid connection point and the financing of smaller-to-medium-sized projects. As the Solarplaza Summit The Netherlands on May 27 will feature three distinct tracks (Grid, Energy Trading, and PPAs/Financing), this upcoming webinar will provide a taste of what can be expected during the event.

This webinar on March 27th will include a research-oriented presentation about grid capacity from DNV and a financial analysis overview from impact fund Start Green Capital.

Grid capacity scarcity is a pressing issue in need of urgent attention, as it is hindering Dutch decarbonization efforts and the integration of renewables and other low-carbon technologies in the Dutch energy system. DNV, on behalf of Agora Energiewende, has assessed the problem of grid scarcity in key European countries. The traditional approach of grid reinforcements faces limitations due to lengthy permitting processes, workforce shortages, and inadequate regulatory/financial incentives. The slow pace of grid reinforcements prompts the exploration of alternative solutions by DSOs, including demand-side flexibility (DSF) mechanisms, technical solutions, and smart operation strategies. Both grid reinforcements and alternative solutions are deemed necessary to address grid capacity scarcity effectively.

As one of the largest impact fund managers in the Netherlands, Start Green Capital has invaluable experience and know-how to share regarding project financing in the Dutch solar market context. Since 2006, they have been building a sustainable economy together with impact entrepreneurs, distinguishing themselves with a broad spectrum of financing options: equity, convertible loans, senior loans, junior loans, and guarantees, or a combination of these.  During the webinar, they will share insights and best practices.

Nienke Rijpstra

Investment Director

Rogier Roobeek

Senior Consultant

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