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27 February 2024


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How to Successfully Innovate in the Disrupted Dutch Solar Market

Solarplaza Summit the Netherlands pieces together the future-proof & sustainable solar business model

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 27 FEBRUARY 2024 - The Netherlands became Europe’s fourth-largest solar market by adding 4.5 GW of new capacity in 2023. Surpassing 20 GW of cumulative capacity, it even is the continent’s leading solar country in terms of capacity per capita. Moving forward, however, Dutch growth perspectives are threatened by grid capacity constraints, policy changes, and political shifts. As the leading platform for high-level strategy discussions and network-building, the Solarplaza Summit The Netherlands - returning for its 16th consecutive edition on 27 May - will offer insights into the challenges the Dutch market is facing and the innovative solutions that can secure its sustained growth.

As the Dutch energy transition evolves and grows in complexity, all energy players have to adapt. Facing grid capacity constraints, political shifts, regulatory changes, and challenges to traditional PV business models, the industry will have to reinvent itself. Being an industry facilitator, Solarplaza and its flagship Dutch event will likewise turn over a new leaf. So, on 27 May 2024, Solarplaza is hosting a reimagined edition of the Solarplaza Summit the Netherlands, the biggest solar energy conference in the Netherlands!

Having branched out with separate events dedicated to PPAs and Energy Trading in 2023, Solarplaza will bring everything together for a bigger-than-ever combined Dutch market event, featuring three exclusive tracks at the summit to make sure all essential topics are covered to ensure PV professionals can remain successful in the Dutch solar market. The event will allow participants to meet key stakeholders and learn from experts about (1) solar PV project development & grid connection, (2) Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs), and (3) renewable electricity trading.

The experts on stage will address, head-on, the new challenges that are coming up, such as changes to the regulatory landscape and grid congestion. Moreover, maintaining profitability in this complex market requires expertise in areas such as PPAs and energy trading. The demand for PPAs is on a steep incline due to the increasing pressure on accelerating the energy transition and the definitive phase-out of subsidies and other incentives. Buying and selling electricity at the right time is already a crucial element in maintaining healthy business models for energy market players.

To continue driving the energy transition in the Netherlands further, all its market players will have to become more sophisticated and innovative - adapt to new technologies and new regulations, be smarter energy traders, and much more. The Solarplaza Summit the Netherlands will empower solar professionals with the inspiration, knowledge, and connections to make it happen.

Solarplaza Summit the Netherlands | PPAs & Energy Trading
27 May 2024 - Utrecht
Tickets: €1,195 (Late Bird) / €1,095 (Regular) / €995 (Early Bird) / €895 (Very Early Bird)
Press contact: [email protected]
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