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10 January 2024


Solar PV Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Utility-scale France

Powering Progress: Decarbonizing France With Solar PV

The Solarplaza Summit France provides the crucial platform for knowledge & network exchange

ROTTERDAM, THE NETHERLANDS - 10 JANUARY 2024 - Having aimed to cut emissions in half by 2023, France witnessed a recent surge in solar adoption and has cemented itself as a key European player in the global transition towards sustainable practices. At the Solarplaza Summit France, hosted on 27 June in Paris, local and international PV professionals will come together to take stock of the progress made and look ahead at the roadmap to further growth.

With a commitment to achieving ambitious renewable energy targets, the French government has been actively promoting solar initiatives, bolstered by the recent release of crucial regulatory updates. In 2023, France managed to add 3 GW of solar PV capacity to the grid and thereby crossed the threshold of 20 GW of cumulatively installed capacity. The industry plans to improve on that record by adding 4 GW more in 2024.

While substantial progress has been made, challenges persist, particularly in optimizing the project development cycle and addressing regulatory intricacies, as well as dealing with grid capacity constraints and land availability. The latest government releases emphasize a collaborative approach, inviting stakeholders from legal, development, and manufacturing sectors to actively engage in discussions and collaborations. The Solarplaza Summit France, returning for its 7th edition, provides the ideal platform for this crucial exchange of knowledge and network. The program is tailored to cover the most pressing issues, challenges, and opportunities, including sessions dedicated to regulatory updates, the PPA market, Agri-PV developments, storage inclusion, and a focus that encompasses both the utility-scale and commercial & industrial (C&I) segments.

As France strives to balance rising energy demands with environmental responsibility, this event will be the prime occasion for industry players to contribute to the nation's solar narrative and discuss challenges but will also serve as a meeting point to jump-start future business opportunities.

Solarplaza Summit France
27 june 2024 - Paris
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