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Are we Ready? Tackling Greece’s Grid Flexibility Challenges in the Hybrid Energy Future

with Lucia Dolera (Jinko Solar) , Guy Vandendungen (Pulsar Power)

As the energy transition gains momentum and complexity, it necessitates the development of adequate Pan-European infrastructure to support the transition. Among the critical components, electricity grid flexibility and hybridization may play a crucial role in facilitating new possibilities for the future. This webinar aims to explore the opportunities and challenges of making the Greek grid more flexible and adaptive to the increasingly volatile and agile energy landscape.

This webinar was held in September 2023, but the recordings are still available!

  • Assessing the cost-effectiveness of various grid flexibility solutions
  • Identifying suitable technologies and their integration into the grid
  • Addressing technical and regulatory challenges in cross-border integration
  • Exploring System Operation Challenges & Game Changers
  • Discussing financial mechanisms to support grid flexibility projects

Lucia Dolera

BESS Business Development Manager

Guy Vandendungen

Chief Executive Officer

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