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23 August 2023


Renewable Energy Targets Solar Capacity Storage Greece

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Island(s) in the Sun: How Storage Solutions Transform the Greek Energy Market

When it comes to solar development in Greece, storage is expected to play a key role in the next few years. Greece has a unique energy landscape, being made up of thousands of islands, of which only 227 are populated. They have enormous renewable, and, in particular, solar, energy potential. These possibilities, which can best be harnessed by connecting the islands to the mainland in new ways, are recognized by the country’s ten-year energy plan.

In this White Paper, we will explore what lies ahead for Greece’s solar future, and what part solar solutions are expected to play in the market’s next few years. Additionally, we will delve into the challenges and opportunities expected to arise, as well as the main players spearheading the country’s PV development. To learn more about this sunny market, join us at the Solarplaza Summit Greece, happening on 23 November 2023 in Athens, Greece.

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