From PV Policy to PPA: Crunching the Numbers in Hungary's Solar Market

The Hungarian PV market is entering a new regulatory phase with the introduction of the Robin Hood tax and still several uncertainties related to estimates of balancing costs for large scale projects. In this webinar, we discussed the latest trends related to project development in Hungary and how companies are adapting to policy change.

This webinar was held in June 2021, but the recordings are still available!

PART 1: Market Update by the Hungarian Solar Association

  • Hungarian PV market status and installation numbers under the tender scheme
  • Policy prospects for the years to come
  • Issues related to the uncertainties of balancing costs

PART 2: Experiences of a Leading Project Developer

  • Cost-benefit analysis for a PPA business model in Hungary
  • Challenges related to land rights, which are only acquired fully once the project is completed
  • Impact of local taxes on cost estimates

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