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Shaping France's Solar Market: Exploring the Effects of the Renewable Energy Acceleration Act

with Alexandre Danthine (Aurora Energy Research) , Joshua Margulies (Aurora Energy Research)

On January 10th, the French Government adopted the ‘Renewable Energy Acceleration Act’. This law creates a new policy landscape for developers, investors, and operators. Still, the underlying questions remain: how will France's solar market shape up in the coming year and how will the target of 4GW new capacity be met? In this webinar, we will zoom in on the new French playing field for Solar PV. The webinar will feature a breakdown of the key regulatory changes, energy prices, auctions, and other measures to stimulate the growth of solar installations in France.

This webinar was held in April 2023, but the recordings are still available!

This webinar is organized in the run-up to the Solarplaza Summit France, which will be hosted in Paris on 29 June 2023. The central themes of this conference are the roadmap to France's targetted growth of 4 GW, and the broadening of development prospects by the new RES law. 

Alexandre Danthine

Research Lead

Joshua Margulies

Senior Associate

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