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15 October 2021


Renewable Energy Targets Solar PV Agrivoltaics Europe Netherlands

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Agriculture and Solar Synergy: Agri-PV as Efficient Solution for PV Plant Design

In order to achieve climate neutrality and the global decarbonisation targets by 2050, we will need smarter systems and solutions that are able to make a sustainable change in our society, economy and environment. Agricultural Photovoltaics, or Agri-PV, is set to be one of the most innovative and efficient solutions within the solar energy industry. 

In this white paper, you will read more about how Agricultural Photovoltaics work, what the benefits and challenges of such solar projects are, and what are the technological solutions helping to boost this segment, such as the MarcS - Modular ArcSystem - an innovative system developed by Goldbeck Solar and PMT - Premium Mounting Technologies.

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