27 November 2021


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Up Close with Solarplaza: Andrea Barber on Digital Solutions for the Green Energy Transition

For the latest episode of Up Close, Solarplaza's Manoela Hartung met up with Andrea Barber, co-founder and CEO of RatedPower, to discuss the role of digital solutions in accelerating the sustainable energy transition.
Through her co-hosting of Vostok 6 (a podcast highlighting talented women in groundbreaking positions); her ranking in Forbes' "100 Most Creative People in Business", and her wide experience in renewables in the Americas and Europe, Andrea has been solidifying her status as a true cleantech role model.

In this interview, she highlights how cloud-based software, like RatedPower's pvDesign suite, can prove to be crucial in making the design and operation of renewable energy power sources more efficient, accurate and reliable. Moreover, she explains how intelligent software solutions can also play an adaptive role in dealing with increasingly-pressing issues like grid congestion.

Tune in to learn more about the high potential of smart digital solutions and RatedPower's powerfully-rated software.

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