15 March 2022


Solar PV Commercial & Industrial (C&I) Residential Utility-scale PPA

The (Current) Dutch Solar PV Market Explained

2022 ushers in the start of a new era for the Dutch solar PV market. While the industry continues to grow, with installed solar capacity expected to reach the 17 GW mark this year, the market will have to look at new applications and novel forms of financing (such as corporate PPAs), while awaiting the results of the latest round of the SDE++ subsidy scheme.

Diving into the dynamics of the new paradigm, it is crucial to get an understanding of where the market currently stands: how has the subsidy budget developed, and what is still expected for the coming years? What are the major challenges when looking at developing and investing in projects in the Netherlands? And which successful cases can serve as inspiration for solid business models?

Our latest infographic offers a concise and complete overview of the current state of the Dutch solar PV market. Are you looking to zoom in deeper than this bird's-eye view? Consider joining us for the 'Solarplaza Summit The Netherlands' on the 21st of June in Utrecht! 

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