Post-Show Report

11 March 2022


Solar Market Parity Portugal 2021

Portugal has an undeniably strong renewable energy force supporting its green energy transition. This is the country that, in 2020, covered 59.1% (30.9 TWh) of its 50.9 TWh of electricity production with renewables. As hydro and wind energy have been consolidating over the past years, solar energy is the renewable technology with the highest and quickest potential for growth. Therefore, there were many inspiring sessions and learning opportunities last year in Lisbon on 19 October 2021 at the Solar Market Parity Portugal.

Learn more about this successful 3rd edition by downloading the 2021 Post-Show Report, which includes statistics, testimonials, an overview of the participants (positions & organizations) and visual impressions of the day.

We are already looking forward to our 2022 edition, renamed Solarplaza Summit Portugal where we will be returning to Lisbon on 13 October to help keep you up to date on the PV market and provide a meeting place for solar professionals!

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