9 December 2021


LCOE ROI Solar PV Asset Management Utility-scale

ROI and LCOE Costs of Solar Projects

In our latest episode of Up Close with Solarplaza, we spoke with Stefan van Doorn, Sales Manager Utility Scale & Distribution at Trina Solar, about maximizing the return of investment (ROI) and lowering the LCOE costs of solar projects.

Stefan has a wide experience in sales and business development, and in the past years he has been working closely with module manufacturers, which contributed to him building an extensive European network of Utility, IPP, EPC and distribution customers. From the conversations Stefan has with this diverse range of customers, especially in the Netherlands, something comes up often: the market is looking for innovative ways to cut down on overall project costs and achieve successful and profitable solar projects.

Watch Stefan while he discusses the current challenges in the Dutch solar PV market, such as the Dutch subsidy scheme (the SDE ++) which is slowly phasing out every year, the market need for more holistic solutions to the power plants, and as he proposes how project developers, IPPs, Utilities and EPCs can tackle these challenges.

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