10 March 2021


Fire Safety, Insurance, and Rooftop Maintenance

with Harry Wolkenfelt (Solarif Group)

For our 28th T.RE.ND talks episode, Edwin Koot chatted with Harry Wolkenfelt.

Harry is the Founder and CEO of Solarif Group, based in The Netherlands, as well as a public speaker, expert & trade missionary on the solar industry, insurance, banking, and trade. He has a background in Finance and worked as an investment manager for several banks and funds.

Solarif Insurance is a worldwide operating, independent insurance broker with a full focus on insurance for PV installations.

In this episode of T.RE.ND talks, the following topics were discussed:

  • Insurance challenges for companies, roof owners, and project developers
  • Solutions and measurements for fire safety on roofs
  • The cost aspects of solar insurances
  • Rooftop maintenance and inspection trends

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