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How to Accelerate the Growth of Solar in France

with Damien Ricordeau (Finergreen)

France’s cumulative solar generation capacity is nearing 10GW, and a solid 890MW was installed in 2019. But this is similar to the installed capacities in 2018 and 2017… Are there ways to accelerate the growth of France’s solar capacity?   

This is going to be a key part of the discussions to be held at The Solar Future France in Paris on May 28th.   

2 specific topics of interest, that can support that growth, are the access to green-bond financing and the development of green hydrogen. Both topics will be touched upon in more detail at the event itself, and we felt it was important to already provide our audience with first-hand information.  

This webinar was held in April 2020, but the recordings are still available!

Damien Ricordeau

CEO & Founder


  • How can SMEs have access to green-bond financing solutions?
  • What are the viable business models for the development of green hydrogen in France?

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