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7 February 2019


Renewable Energy Targets solar market parity Tenders France

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Solar Market Parity in France: Roadmap & Implications

The aim of this solar market parity report is to provide a short and comprehensive analysis of the current solar market parity (SMP) situation in France to see if it has the potential to follow the footsteps of its southern neighbors and join the SMP (r)evolution.
France just released its new energy strategy – the “Programmation pluriannuelle de l’énergie” (PPE) - which sets out a six-year solar tender program aiming to allocate 2.7 GW of solar capacity this year, and 2.9 GW per year for the next five years. This opens up the possibility for increasing the share of PV fivefold by 2028. The announcement has sparked great interest from both local and international players hoping to take advantage of these tenders, which have yielded record low prices up until now. If prices keep decreasing, it could remove the need for subsidies, therefore opening up the possibility for France to achieve the status of Solar Market Parity.

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