Solarplaza Summit | Sweden & Energy Storage

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Wednesday 20 March 2024


Pre-Conference Networking Event

Join us at the Pre-Conference Networking Event, a solar-powered soirée that will energize connections and conversations before the Solarplaza Summit Sweden and & Energy Storage. Let's gather under the sun's glow to spark new partnerships and savor delicious bites while discussing the future of sustainable energy.

The Networking Event will take place in Panorama Restaurant

Thursday 21 March 2024



Registration & Welcome Coffee

45 min.

Start your day with checking in and coffee, igniting your journey into solar innovation and networking excellence.

Session Topics:


Welcome Remarks by Solarplaza


15 min.

Edwin Koot


Session Topics:

Session 1

Overview of the Swedish PV Market


Navigating the Dynamic Swedish PV Market: Latest Updates and Insights


30 min.

Join us for an immersive journey through Sweden's vibrant solar energy market. This session will uncover the latest market trends and developments, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the opportunities and challenges in the sector. Explore the status of ongoing projects and investments in the pipeline and gain insights into the market's division among residential, commercial & industrial, and utility segments. Additionally, we will delve into the cost competitiveness of Utility-Scale solar energy in Sweden, shedding light on the sustainability and affordability of solar solutions.

Amelia Oller Westerberg

Becquerel Sweden

Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Status of projects and investments in the pipeline
  • Overview of market split (Residential/C&I/Utility)
  • Cost competitiveness of solar in Sweden


Permitting for Utility-Scale PV Projects in Sweden: Rules, Opportunities and Recent Developments


20 min.

Uncover the intricacies of permitting utility-scale PV projects in Sweden with a focus on recent amendments and evolving opportunities. Gain valuable insights into the regulatory landscape and incentives shaping the solar industry. Delve into the permitting roadmap and timeline to navigate the process efficiently.

Madeleine Edqvist

Mannheimer Swartling

Session Topics:
  • Exploring the impact of recent land law amendments on greenfield PV plant permitting
  • Getting a clear picture of the latest rules and solar incentives
  • PV permitting roadmap and timeline


How The Swedish Power System Is Adapting To An Increasing Amount Of Power From RE Sources


20 min.

Join Marcus Elander from Svenska Kraftnät in a 20-minute presentation as he discusses the dynamic evolution of the Swedish power system in response to a rising influx of renewable energy sources. Explore the grid's current status and dive into the latest developments in utility-scale solar power, with a focus on its interconnection with storage solutions. Address challenges, including the capacity factor of solar energy, shaping the future of Sweden's power landscape.

Marcus Elander

Svenska Kraftnät

Session Topics:
  • General overview of the grid status
  • What's new with utility scale solar power (and the link to storage)
  • Challenges, e.g. the capacity factor of Solar


Morning Networking Break

On average, at Solarplaza Summit events an impressive 89% of attendees are able to make valuable business connections. Don’t miss out!

Session Topics:

Session 2

Technological Innovations: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve


Best Practices for Future-Proof PV Development in Sweden


40 min.


Edwin Koot


Antoni Beltran

Uniper Renewables

Helena Fagraeus Lundström


Emma Hellström

Flower Infrastructure Technologies

Neill Parkinson

Jinko Solar

Session Topics:


Enabling Sweden's Solar Future: Lessons from Pioneering Large-Scale solar PV


20 min.

We delve into insights gained from having realized over 50 solar PV EPC projects in Sweden. Uncover the challenges, pitfalls, and key learnings that have shaped Svea Solar’s journey in advancing the solar landscape and get a unique perspective on navigating the intricacies of the Swedish solar PV EPC market.

Magnus Bergqvist

Svea Solar

Session Topics:
  • The unique characteristics of the Swedish EPC landscape
  • Svea Solar's key learnings from realizing 50 projects
  • Future trends for the Swedish EPC market


Longi Solar Innovation & Roadmap


15 min.

In this presentation, we will look at the new technological advancements from the point of view of LONGi, one of the biggest players in the module manufacturing industry. We will also learn about new industry trends in sizes and technologies and what makes a product the right one for a project, diving into different cases such as utility-scale power plants, commercial & industrial, residential or agrivoltaics.

Alejandro Coll


Session Topics:
  • Advancements in solar module technology.
  • Industry trend: Growing bigger but not better.
  • The search for the highest efficiency.
  • Choosing the best module: A solution for each installation.


PV & ESS becomes the stable power source for a renewable grid


20 min.

Join us and industry leaders Huawei and Soltech in exploring how PV and ESS are transforming into a dependable power source for renewable grids. Discover critical aspects, such as safety from cell to grid, revolutionary grid-forming technology, and the paramount significance of reliability and availability. Gain insights into the collaborative efforts reshaping the landscape of sustainable energy, providing a robust foundation for the future of renewable power generation.

Christoffer Caesar


David Minnis


Session Topics:
  • Cell to grid safety
  • Grid forming technology
  • Reliability & Availability


Networking Lunch Break

Our networking app makes it easy to schedule one-on-one meetings with any of the 150+ attendees and 15+ speakers!

Session Topics:

Session 3

Storage Business Models for Large Scale PV projects in Sweden


Storage application in Nordic technology and ESG


15 min.

Let's delve into Sweden's progress with Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS), focusing on the innovation, sustainability, and advanced technology that shape a more resilient energy system.

Agata Absalyamova


Session Topics:
  • Addressing Integration Challenges: Tackling common integration challenges with tailored solutions.
  • Sustainability in Action: Understanding how ESG principles affect the supply chain.
  • BESS Project Spotlight: Highlighting a key BESS project in Sweden.
  • The Future of BESS: Exploring upcoming trends in BESS technology.


Strategies for Grid-Scale Battery Projects: Models for Success in Sweden


20 min.

Join us for a deep dive into innovative business models for grid-scale battery projects in Sweden. Explore strategies for financing, deploying, and operating energy storage solutions that enhance grid reliability and support the integration of renewable energy.

Alexander Esser

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • Revenue streams including frequency services and energy arbitrage
  • Investment scenarios for storage across Sweden


Flexibility management strategies for PV + BESS


20 min.

There has been a surge in BESS investments in Sweden over the past year thanks to globally exceptional revenue levels from ancillary services TSO Svenska Kraftnät has been procuring. For this application there is no need to co-locate BESS with PV, it might be even a disadvantage. However, looking a little ahead there are large possible gains from this type of cable pooling. Some insight on how the Swedish leading aggregator for BESS aggregation CheckWatt is preparing for lowering the hurdles for grid connection by service to the DSO and reducing the cost of imbalance risks for the BRP to make space for more PV.

Nicholas Etherden


Session Topics:
  • Profitability and use cases for batteries in the Nordic balancing market
  • What to think about when co-locating batteries with PV
  • Complementing TSO revenue by lowering the hurdles for grid connection by service to the DSO 
  • Imbalance risks with service stacking and how to bring benefits of PV + batteries flexibility to energy markets


Afternoon Networking Break

Whether you're looking to connect with professionals from a specific sector or want to build relationships across the entire solar PV value chain, our event offers a unique chance to engage with experts from across the industry.

Session Topics:

Session 4

PPAs and Project Financing for Solar in Sweden


How to Successfully Secure Project Financing and Develop Utility-Scale PV projects in Sweden


50 min.

Solar PV financing has become increasingly important in Sweden as more investors are looking to participate in the solar energy market. Several financing options are available, including financing products from commercial banks and new investment funds that specialize in renewable energy projects. However, attracting financing for large-scale solar projects requires careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved. Understanding the key financing terms from banks and learning about recent M&A transactions can assist developers and investors in crafting successful financing proposals for solar projects.


Joost Samsom


Joel Löfroth


Andreas Brännström

Better Energy

Christoffer Adrian


Gustav Alberius

Turn Energy

Session Topics:
  • Financing strategies from commercial banks to new up-and-coming investment funds
  • What makes a project attractive for financiers
  • Overview of recent M&A transactions
  • What are some of the financing terms from the banks
  • Are investors willing to commit to pure merchant projects?
  • Hedging short & long-term risks


Mastering Solar PPAs in Sweden: From Negotiation to Successful Execution


25 min.

Discover the secrets to successfully negotiate and execute solar Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Sweden. Learn from industry experts about the intricacies of contract structuring, risk management, and legal compliance for sustainable solar energy projects.

Mikkel Kring

Our New Energy

Peter Bredkær Engelbrektsen

Arla Foods

Session Topics:
  • What are corporates looking for when contracting PPAs?
  • Navigating a PPA process through turbulent times.
  • How to price a PPA?
  • Top 3 advice to any generator who wishes to contract PPAs with corporate off-takers.


Closing Words


15 min.

Edwin Koot


Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

As you mingle and build your network, be sure to take a moment to enjoy a refreshing soft drink, glass of wine, or cold beer. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals from our global as well as our local network.

Session Topics:

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