Wednesday 6 July 2022

Pre-Conference Dinner

Pre-Conference Networking Dinner

Thursday 7 July 2022

Conference Program

Arrival & Registration
Session Topics:
Session I

Market Overview and Financial Analysis

Conference Kick-Off

Why invest in Spanish solar, conference goals and networking opportunities

Lorena Nieuwenhoven
Session Topics:
Opening Keynote

Get up to speed with the Spanish solar market

Session Topics:
  • Solar in numbers
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Status of projects and investments in the pipeline
  • Overview of market split (Residential/C&I/Utility)
Beyond PPAs: New Upcoming Financing Schemes

As renewable energy markets grow in complexity, so do the financing strategies available.

Christina Rentell
Aurora Energy Research
Daniel Pérez
Luis Villar Pérez
Global Capital Finance
Miguel Marroquin
Our New Energy
Session Topics:
  • What is the standard for PPAs in Spain
  • Financing strategies from commercial banks to new up and coming investment funds
  • Managing more merchant risk in new financing schemes
  • What trends to expect in the Spanish PPA market
Morning Networking Break
Session Topics:
Session II

Regulatory Insights & Developer's Guide

Do You Know the Rules of the Game? Regulatory Key Note

Solar development and management in Spain is largely dependent on the rules and regulation that define the playing field for the renewable energy market. Knowing the intricacies of the regulatory landscape is essential to your success in this country.

Session Topics:
  • Regulatory changes to expect in 2022 and beyond
  • Expected auctions and competition for connection to nodes in the network ('concursos de capacidad')
  • Overview of the evolution of the regulation for solar in Spain
  • Current challenges and how to overcome them
Every Roof Counts: Self-Consumption Panel
Lorenzo Font
Soto Solar
Session Topics:
Solar Development in a Maturing Market

Exclusive insight into the best practices and lessons learned from seasoned solar developers in Spain.

Laura Ojea
Alfredo Fernández Agras
Everwood Capital
Carolina Álvarez Alaez
Fernando Roger
Lightsource BP
Session Topics:
  • Navigating licensing and permitting processes
  • What regions in Spain show the most solar promise
  • It takes a village: working with local communities and municipalities
  • Market saturation
  • From greenfield projects to managing your assets
Networking Lunch
Session Topics:
Session III

Hybrid Solar Projects

Betting on the Bankability of Batteries

Including batteries in the business model for renewables is essential to prepare for the expected growth and continuous management of intermittent power sources as they can stabilize grid congestion problems as well as help manage the curtailment of solar energy. Is the Spanish renewable market set to kick-start its battery market?

Yann Dumont
Session Topics:
  • What are the current bankability pitfalls in storage development?
  • What does the Spanish regulation allow and what changes can be expected
  • Storage & Spanish energy auctions
  • Monetising grid services
  • How many MW & investment will lead to a relevant storage market in Spain
Green Hydrogen in Practice

The reality of green hydrogen begins with the production of renewable energy to feed electrolysers. But what are the business models available for solar professionals with regards to this new technology?

María Jaén Caparrós
Enagás S.A.
Session Topics:
  • Mapping the real value and projects that are set to kick-off the Spanish green hydrogen industry
  • What is the business case for solar professionals with regards to green hydrogen
  • Integration with new stakeholders (i.e the gas industry)
  • Who are the offtakers
Afternoon Networking Break & Speed Dating Exercise
Session Topics:
Session IV

Scaling Solar Sustainably and with the Right Technology

Global Events and their Impact on the Iberian Electricity Market

Understanding the forces that affect electricity prices in Iberia is essential to have a holistic view of the industry and to make forecasts of what is to come. Global events such as the pandemic and the Russian invasion of Ukraine directly impact the electricity market which in turn affects the paradigms under which all energy professionals work.

Kim Keats
Session Topics:
  • Relating global events to energy market impact
  • Hedging prices and buying from the future
  • Market/price forecast
  • Cashflow issue for energy retailers
  • Windfall taxes and prices
  • The (in)elasticity of demand
Technology: The Key to Scaling Solar?
Session Topics:
ESG: Ensuring a Sustainable Energy Transition in Spain
José Ángel Pérez
ABO Wind
Session Topics:
  • Overview of UNEF's 'sello de excelencia en sostenibilidad'
  • End-of-lifecycle management and recycling
  • Community engagement
  • Strategies and innovations in sustainable solar development
  • Costs and benefits of ESG integration
Conference Wrap-Up

Highlights, takeaways and looking forward to Solarplaza Summit Spain 2023

Lorena Nieuwenhoven
Session Topics:
Networking Bites & Drinks
Session Topics:

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