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Wednesday 12 July 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

Get to know your fellow attendees, speakers, partners and advisory board members ahead of our summit! Enjoy a night of food, drinks, and networking at Baja, in the heart of Rome.

The Networking Event will take place in Baja Roma

Thursday 13 July 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Words by Solarplaza

15 min.

Nicola Kopij Zanin


Session Topics:

Session 1

Navigating the Italian PV Market


Key updates on the Italian PV market


30 min.

Italy has been a major player in the European solar PV market since the early 2000s, and the country has made strong commitments to renewable energy. This presentation will offer insights into the current state of the Italian PV market, and provide valuable information for individuals and organizations interested in investing or operating in the Italian solar energy sector.

Paolo Rocco Viscontini


Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Status of projects and investments in the pipeline
  • Overview of the current market split (residential/C&I/utility-scale)
  • Assessing the cost competitiveness of solar in Italy


Case Study: The Balancing Power of Storage Applications in Italy


30 min.

2022 proved to be a milestone for storage deployment in Italy, with lithium-ion technologies taking the lead. Learn about the power of Solar-Plus-Storage projects in Italy and gain valuable insights into Italy's journey toward becoming one of Europe's most active large-scale battery energy storage system (BESS) markets.

Fabrizio Bonemazzi

Session Topics:
  • The transformative potential of storage applications in Italy
  • Regulatory approval of new grid storage-specific auction rules


Morning Networking Break

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At our conference last year, an impressive 95% of attendees were able to make valuable business connections.

Session Topics:

Session 2

Large scale Project Development Outlook in Italy


Permitting in Italy: What developers should look out for


30 min.

In recent years, the development of solar PV permitting in Italy has advanced significantly. The Italian government has been actively promoting renewable energy, and the permitting process has been streamlined to encourage investment in solar PV projects.

In this session, we will share the latest changes in these areas that are imperative for developers to stay compliant with regulations, manage their budgets, and plan project timelines effectively.

Tommaso Barbetti


Session Topics:
  • Expected timeline for permitting process
  • New permits and the new VIAs
  • Overview of where permitting requests are granted


Large Scale Project Development Strategies to Maximize Value


60 min.

During this slot, the focus will be on discussing the best practices and challenges in developing solar projects in Italy. The session will cover topics such as project financing, permitting, and regulatory hurdles. Participants will gain insights from industry experts on how to navigate these challenges to successfully develop solar projects in Italy.


Sara Di Mario

Hazel New Energy

Giuseppe Mastropieri

GreenGo Srl

Alberto Arcioli

Aquila Clean Energy

Pietro Felici

SENS / Iqony

Italo Rubeo

DVP Solar

Session Topics:




How to Structure a Profitable PPA Contract as a Developer

30 min.

This workshop will provide a deep dive into Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Italy. PPAs are a key component of solar project development, as they provide long-term revenue streams. The session will cover topics such as PPA structures, key contractual terms, and pricing considerations. Participants will learn about best practices for negotiating PPAs in Italy and gain insights on the current state of the PPA market.

Dario Gallanti

Our New Energy

Session Topics:


Networking Lunch

Our networking app makes it easy to schedule one-on-one meetings with any of the over 250 attendees and 25+ speakers!

Session Topics:

Session 3

The Financial Ecosystem of Italian PV projects


How to Secure Project Financing in an Inflationary Environment


45 min.

Solar PV financing has become increasingly important in Italy as more investors are looking to participate in the solar energy market. Several financing options are available in Italy, including financing products from commercial banks and new investment funds that specialize in renewable energy projects. However, attracting financing for large-scale solar projects requires careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved. Understanding the key financing terms from banks and learning about recent M&A transactions can assist developers and investors in crafting successful financing proposals for solar projects.


Alessandro Cohen

Armon Capital Advisory

Raffaele Ciotta

Glennmont Partners

Luca Matrone

Intesa Sanpaolo

Paolo Raia

RWE Renewables

Lorenzo Parola

Parola Associati

Session Topics:
  • Financing strategies: from commercial banks to new, up-and-coming investment funds
  • What makes a project attractive to financiers?
  • Overview of recent M&A transactions
  • Inventory of the key financing terms from the banks
  • Are investors willing to commit to pure merchant projects?
  • Hedging short & long term risks


How can the Italian PPA Market Catch Up in Europe


45 min.

While there are challenges to developing Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) in Italy, such as regulatory uncertainty and grid connection issues, the market is expected to continue to grow as more corporations look to reduce their carbon footprint and secure long-term energy supplies.

Obtain comprehensive knowledge from our esteemed panel of expert speakers on the current practices and practical examples of PPAs in Italy.


Carlo Montella

Green Horse Advisory

Virginia Canazza

MBS Consulting

Filippo Stefanelli

Acea Group

Roberto Ferrari


Stefano Cavriani

EGO Energy

Alessandro Savini

Trailstone Renewables

Session Topics:
  • The standard for PPAs in Italy
  • Managing more merchant risk in new financing schemes
  • The expected trends in the Italian PPA market
  • Proven ways to approach corporates and offtakers


Afternoon Networking Break

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Whether you're looking to connect with professionals from a specific sector or want to build relationships across the entire solar PV value chain, our event offers a unique chance to engage with experts from across the industry.

Session Topics:

Session 4

Asset Optimization Strategies


Best Practices for Module Technologies and Applications


20 min.

During this presentation, you will acquire knowledge about the latest module technologies and how they can be applied to different solar applications, such as rooftop installations and utility-scale projects. We will cover topics such as module efficiency, durability, and reliability. By learning about the best practices for selecting the right module technology for a specific project, participants will gain a competitive edge in their work. 

Shawn Shen


Session Topics:


EPC & Asset Management landscape for Italian utility-scale PV plants


45 min.

EPC companies influence the design, installation, and commissioning of solar PV projects in Italy. They play a critical role in ensuring that these projects are constructed on time, within budget, and up to the required quality standards. On the other side of the commissioning line, solar PV asset management has become increasingly important in Italy as the size and complexity of solar PV plants continue to grow. The industry has witnessed the emergence of innovative solutions that can help optimize plant performance and streamline operations, such as predictive maintenance, AI-based monitoring, and remote asset management tools. This session goes deeper into the interplay and connection between EPCs and Asset Management, highlighting how an asset manager’s mindset during the development and construction phases can make life a lot easier further down the line.


Nicola Kopij Zanin


Giacomo Dachille


Annarita Mitola

BFP Service

Fabrizio Mellini


Davide Cazzulo


Session Topics:
  • CAPEX analysis and breakdown for Italian utility-scale plants
  • Revamping & Repowering scenarios and applications
  • How existing assets can be upgraded to improve efficiency
  • Analyzing component choice in relation to increasing installed capacity and annual production
  • Overview and price comparison of the latest technologies available to asset managers


Closing Remarks


10 min.

Nicola Kopij Zanin


Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

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As you mingle and build your network, be sure to take a moment to enjoy a refreshing soft drink,
glass of wine, or cold beer. While Italian solar PV experts represented 60% of our attendees last year,
there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals from our global network, which
includes countries such as Spain, Germany, Switzerland, Poland, the Netherlands, and beyond.

Session Topics:

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