Solarplaza Summit | Finland

Thursday 28 November 2024



Registration & Welcome Coffee

45 min.

Session Topics:


Opening & Welcome by Solarplaza


15 min.

Session Topics:

Session 1

Overview of the Finnish PV & Storage Market


Falling Spot Prices, Increased Demand for RE Capcity and Ambitious Targets: Where Finland’s PV & Storage Market Are Headed Towards


30 min.

A bird’s eye view of the Finnish solar energy landscape, which will make inventory of the latest market trends, ongoing projects, and upcoming investments. Gain insights into the market's division among residential, commercial & industrial, and utility sectors. Learn how the cost competitiveness of solar energy will enable a sustainable future, enhanced with new storage applications.

Eero Oksanen


Session Topics:
  • What is happening in the Finissh PV & BESS market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market and technology trends
  • Status of projects and investments for utility-scale projects in the pipeline
  • Overview of market segmentation (Residential/C&I/Utility)
  • Cost competitiveness of solar in Finland: PV, BESS & PV+BESS


Navigating the Finnish Governments’s Guide for Permitting of Utility-Scale Projects


30 min.


Gain crucial insights into the Finnish government's long term strategy and plan aimed at facilitating permitting procedures and navigating red tape for the deployment of utilioty-scale solar parks.

Ville Hailikari


Session Topics:
  • Updated permitting rules and legal developments
  • Estimated timeline for bringing your project to Ready-to-Build (RtB) stage
  • Recommended mitigation strategies for a smoother roll out of projects


Morning Networking Break

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Session Topics:

Session 2

The Business Case for Utility-Scale PV & Storage Projects in Finland


Business Models for Grid-Scale Batteries in the Finland: Can Investors & Developers Reach an Adequate ROI?


20 min.

Session Topics:
  • Revenue streams including frequency services and energy arbitrage
  • The role of BESS in mitigating grid congestion challenges
  • Investment scenarios for storage across Finland
  • Estimated profitability of assets with BESS


Monetizing on PV & Storage Projects in Finland: What Are the Expectations of IPPs, Developers & Investors?


40 min.

As grid capacity challenges arise, storage projects coupled with PV can make critical contributions towards safeguarding the reliability of the power grid and enabling more RE capacity, as well as providing new, fruitful revenue streams to investors and developers. This session explores how to successfully build a business case for a BESS project with examples from international market players.

Ville Kaituri


Alexander Rudberg


Juan Andrés García

Fotowatio Renewable Ventures

Session Topics:


Effective Asset Management and Technological Applications for Your PV & BESS Projects


30 min.

Session Topics:
  • How can assets be upgraded in terms of new applications to improve efficiency?
  • Analyzing the choice of components aimed at increasing installed capacity reducing your LCOE
  • Overview and price comparison of the latest technologies on the market available for asset managers
  • Digitalization solutions for utility-scale plants
  • Spotting the leaks: where are your hidden losses?


Lunch Networking Break

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Session Topics:

Session 3

Financing & Developing Utility-Scale Projects in Finland


From Development to Offtake: How Should a Quality Bankable Project Be Developed To Secure Project Financing?


45 min.

Session Topics:
  • What makes a project attractive for private lenders
  • Is there still appetite for financing merchant projects?
  • How commercial banks evaluate PV & BESS projects
  • Overview of recent M&A transactions in the market: what projects are attractive for investors?
  • Negotiating and structuring a joint venture or co-development agreement
  • Price expectations for greenfield and RtB projects


Forecasting the Year Ahead: What Direction Will the Finnish PV & BESS Markets Are Expected To Take?


20 min.

Matti Parpala

Will & Must Oy

Session Topics:


Closing Remarks

10 min.

Session Topics:


Networking Drinks & Bites

As you mingle and build your network, be sure to take a moment to enjoy a refreshing soft drink, glass of wine, or cold beer. While solar PV experts from Finland represented approximately 45% of our attendees last year, there will be plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals from our global network, which includes countries such as Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Poland and many more.

Session Topics:

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