Solarplaza Summit | Energy Storage Spain

Thursday 16 November 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Words by Solarplaza

20 min.

Session Topics:

Session 1

Energy Storage in Spain - Market Outlook and Regulation


Opening Keynote


10 min.

Yann Dumont


Session Topics:


Global Storage Market Outlook and Spanish Market Deep Dive


30 min.

To set the stage,we'll explore the global perspective of the energy storage market and dive into the specific trends and developments within the dynamic Spanish market. Gain valuable insights into the growth potential, market dynamics, and key drivers shaping the energy storage landscape worldwide and discover how Spain is positioned to embrace the energy storage revolution.

Alexandre Danthine

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • The why and urgency of energy storage solutions
  • Brief overview of the main types of storage solutions present in the market
  • Going international - a study of storage deployment in Europe and the reasons for it
  • Revenue stacks: arbitrage in wholesale markets, Capacity Market, aFRR, mFRR, RR, Technical Restrictions 
  • Overview of challenges and upcoming opportunities
  • Market forecast (MW installed and Bn€ invested)


Is Spanish Legislation Ready For Energy Storage?


30 min.

Following the publication of the Spanish government's Energy Storage Strategy early last year, it's been made clear that grid-scale storage will play an important role in reaching the country's Net Zero Emissions Targets.

Romain Mauger

CIIAE (Iberian Energy Storage Research Center)

Session Topics:
  • The current legislative landscape the plan ahead 
  • Expectations on the capacity and flexibility market: What exactly is going to happen?
  • What will be the impact of political uncertainty 
  • Navigating the best and worst case scenarios 


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 2

Investing in the Future: Strategies for Energy Storage Projects


Energy Access and Assets: Different Integration and Connection Possibilities


35 min.

With a plan to boost the grid by 2026, the Spanish ministry for the ecological transition has put to work investments totalling EUR 6.96 billion (USD 7.63 billion) - going towards the integration of renewables and mitigation technical restrictions that prevent renewables to be absorbed. This presentation will unpack the far-reaching impacts and benefits, and dissect the opportunities and challenges surrounding the electricity transmission network.

Dr. Amir José Daou Pulido


Session Topics:
  • What are the different ways that storage can participate in the existing electricity system?
  • Current best practice for connecting storage to the grid (Storage As Transmission Assets) 
  • How storage technologies can help against grid curtailment and (market)
  • Strategies of the DSO/TSO to use storage to strengthen the grid


Strategy Session: Participation of Storage in the Energy Market


20 min.

Valentin Albinet


Session Topics:
  • Explanation of different energy markets: existing and potential avenues for storage participation
  • Ancillary Services: secondary reserve (aFRR), tertiary reserve (mFRR), replacement reserve (RR), technical restrictions (TR)
  • Strategies for capturing maximum value 
  • Review of observed data and expectations for the future
  • The role of optimisers


Strategy Session: Financial Viability of Standalone BESS Projects


20 min.

Tomás García


Session Topics:
  • Revenue assumptions: the name of the game
  • Other key value drivers: CAPEX, re-powering, capacity, trading strategy, grant
  • Financial modelling considerations
  • Experience in recent BESS transactions


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

Session 3

Investigating The Business Case of Energy Storage


What Happens Next? Hybrid and Standalone Auctions


20 min.

Beatriz Barros

Clean Horizon

Session Topics:
  • General project rules
  • Grid connection
  • Results (or expected outcomes for auction winners)
  • The secrets to success of t tender.
  • Project next steps: guidance on avoiding project timeline delays.


Development and Financing Standalone and Hybrid Storage Battery Projects in Spain


45 min.

Andrés Zapico Martín


Carol Kort


Jakob Bendixen

Our New Energy

Lluís Millet

One Solar

Monica Andreu


Session Topics:
  • BESS development and permitting: challenges and solutions
  • The business case of Standalone vs Hybrid projects
  • Financing Options for Energy Storage
  • Revenue Streams from BESS 


Afternoon Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 4

What Does The Future Have in Store?


Technical Considerations for BESS Projects


35 min.

With the market for utility-scale energy storage expected to grow significantly, we will delve into the transformative power of lithium-ion batteries, revolutionizing renewable energy integration and providing greater flexibility in the power system. Join us as industry experts share their perspectives on the future of storage technologies and the role they play in shaping the renewable energy landscape.

Hector de Lama Gutierrez

UNEF - Spanish Photovoltaic Union

Session Topics:
  • Storage vs Generation
  • Storage technologies (including LDES)
  • Battery Duration
  • Degradation and cycles
  • Minimising risks and safety concerns
  • Ensuring higher rate of returns on a battery
  • O&M considerations
  • Repowering


How can the electricity market change to accommodate new realities


20 min.

Rafael González


Session Topics:
  • Spanish electricity market in the context of the EU Electricity Market Reform
  • Expected outcomes from significant storage deployment


What Does The Future Hold? Envisioning The Role of Energy Storage Solutions in the Expansion Of Large-Scale Renewables in Spain

15 min.

By 2030, the total storage capacity in Spains projected to reach 20GW, with a further increase to 30 GWh by 2050. Large-scale battery storage is expected to play a significant role in meeting this demand. Be part of the conversation as our expert panelists discuss the opportunities, challenges, and potential pathways for energy storage in the coming years.

Raúl García Posada


Session Topics:
  • What will the market look like 3 years from now?
  • Maximising return on investment (ROI): From optimal cycle rates to selecting the right software systems
  • Envisioning future energy storage business models
  • The development of new business models i.e. end of life solutions, second life batteries


Closing Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

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