Solarplaza Summit | Energy Storage Germany

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Thursday 23 November 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Welcome Words by Solarplaza

10 min.

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:

Session 1

Setting the Stage for Energy Storage in Germany and the Energiewende


Global Trends Shaping the Energy Storage Market


30 min.

With renewable energy projected to dominate 80-90% of global electricity generation by 2050, the integration of energy storage becomes paramount for energy security and a flexible, sustainable energy system. Germany's current challenges with grid congestion highlight the urgent need for effective solutions. Join our opening presentation to learn about the evolving landscape of the energy storage industry in Germany, Europe, and beyond.

Susan Taylor

S&P Global

Session Topics:
  • Standardisation and oversupply driving increased competition
  • Volatile Lithium prices and growing interest in alternative storage technologies
  • High residential storage inventory levels post-energy crisis
  • Strong policy signals for energy storage (Europe)


Biting the Silver Bullet: Storage as the Solution for an Overloaded Energy Grid?


40 min.

As Germany faces grid congestion issues, industry experts including grid operators and utility providers will share their perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of storage applications.


Janina Hippler-Nettlau

Malta Inc.

Christian Barba Rodulfo

EDP Renewables

Matthias Vetter

Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems (ISE)

Matthias Giller

Maxsolar Energy Concepts

Session Topics:
  • The balancing power of storage applications: Reaching grid stability & energy security
  • Key stakeholders to consider in your storage projects
  • Advanced energy storage technologies: Improved efficiencies and cost savings vs added complexity
  • Is the industry growing too quickly? Mitigating grid connection delays, long lead times and tight target completion dates


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 2

Project Financing & Bankability


Solar Storage in Germany: Market Trends, Installations, and Use Cases


20 min.

We will delve into the current market dynamics of solar storage systems in Germany, examining the latest installation numbers and exploring their versatile use cases in residential, industrial, and large-scale settings. Through practical examples and data-driven insights, we will highlight the significant impact of solar storage in driving sustainable energy solutions across the country.

Jan Figgener

RWTH Aachen University

Session Topics:


Revenue Optimization for large-scale Batteries and the Role of Trading Strategies


20 min.

Within Germany, large-scale battery storage systems rely on wholesale markets and ancillary services for revenue. As these markets evolve, with declining wholesale power prices and increasing cannibalization in ancillary markets, this session explores cutting-edge strategies for future revenue optimization and the role of trading strategies.

Claudia Günther

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • Current and future revenue streams
  • BESS Economic Outlook


Bankability and Investment Landscape for Storage Projects in Germany


40 min.

Join this panel to learn about investment and risk management considerations for your solar-plus-storage project. Finaciers and investors will share with you their insights on energy storage projects, as the technology is still maturing.


Zaid Mansour

Clifford Chance

Jan-Phillip Kock


Corentin Baschet

Clean Horizon

Kilian Leykam

Aquila Clean Energy

Heiner Breuer


Session Topics:
  • The relevance of technical and regulatory risk management for investors
  • Key interests and concerns for banks
  • New revenue stream to sell back energy to the grid


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

Session 3

Case Studies: Moving From Big to Biggest


Practical Lessons Learned From Co-located Storage Projects


40 min.

Discover practical lessons learned from co-located storage projects. Our expert presenters will guide you through their case studies, sharing their extensive experience in the field.

Anoucheh Bellefleur

ABO Wind

Laurent Talbot


Session Topics:
  • The business model of energy arbitrage: buying and selling electricity when the tariff is attractive
  • Cost analysis, Capex and opex


Beyond the Blueprint: Realizing Scalable and Resilient Energy Storage


20 min.

Eco Stor has > 2 GWh storage capacity in upcoming projects. In 2022, they connected 100 MWh of storage to the German grid. Join the presentation to learn about battery project development, system design, and ES-OS benefits.

Franz Hartleitner

Eco Stor

Session Topics:


Afternoon Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 4

Advancements in Storage Technologies


Operating a Hybrid Large-Scale Battery Storage System – Battery Performance, Applications & Issues


15 min.

The M5BAT project evaluates five battery technologies for real-world electricity market viability. It analyzes performance, life cycle costs, and potential to optimize MW-scale battery storage systems. Led by the Institute for Power Electronics and Electrical Drives (ISEA), the project also explores the use of battery storage systems to stabilize the grid amid the increasing adoption of renewables.  

Lucas Koltermann

ISEA - RWTH Aachen

Session Topics:
  • More than one type of Energy Storage System (ESS): Diversification in the technology mix and applications
  • M5Bat Project: A 5 MWh, 5 MW hybrid battery storage system with various lead-acid and lithium-ion battery types, including vented and valve-regulated lead-acid, lithium manganese oxide, lithium iron phosphate, and lithium titanate batteries.


Navigating Battery Innovation: Alternatives to Lithium-ion


30 min.

Delve into the potential of zinc-bromide and sodium solid-state batteries as we navigate the intricate landscape of lithium-ion supply chain issues amidst surging electric vehicle demand.

Dr. Jens Willenbockel

Altech Batteries Limited

Benjamin Henecka

Nala Energy

Session Topics:
  • Beyond Lithium-ion: Exploring zinc-bromide-based batteries and sodium solid-state batteries
  • Exploring the decision matrix for battery technologies: Constraints by applications, site criteria, ease-of-installation and risk management

Session 5

The Role of Energy Storage Solutions in Envisioning the Energiewende


Shaping the Future of Energy Storage in Germany and Beyond


55 min.

By 2030, the total storage demand in Germany is projected to reach 104 GWh, with a further increase to 180 GWh by 2045. Large-scale battery storage is expected to play a significant role in meeting this demand. Be part of the conversation as our expert panelists discuss the opportunities, challenges, and potential pathways for energy storage in the coming years.


Erica Simathy


Niklaas Heckmann


Florian Mayr


Harald Ott


Dr. Kai-Philipp Kairies

Accure Battery Intelligence

André Bosschaart

Montel Analytics

Session Topics:
  • What will the market look like 3 years from now?
  • Maximizing return on investment (ROI): From optimal cycle rates to selecting the right software systems
  • Envisioning future energy storage business models


Conference Wrap-Up

5 min.

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:


Closing Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

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