Solarplaza Summit | Baltics

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Thursday 14 March 2024



Registration & Welcome Coffee

45 min.

Session Topics:


Opening & Welcome by Solarplaza


15 min.

Celina Gundlach


Session Topics:

Session 1

Overview of the Baltic PV Markets


Get Up to Date With the Baltic PV Markets


30 min.

The Baltic countries have accelerated rapidly in terms of deploying new PV capacity in the last few years, and tall countries have made strong commitments to renewable energy. This presentation will offer insights into the current state of the Baltic PV market, and provide valuable information for individuals and organizations interested in investing or operating in the Baltic utility-scale solar energy sector.

Johan Lindahl

Becquerel Sweden

Session Topics:
  • What is hot in the market?
  • Overview of ongoing and upcoming market trends
  • Overview of market split (Residential/C&I/Utility)
  • Cost competitiveness of solar in the Baltics


Understanding the Permitting Landscape for Utility-Scale Project Development in the Baltic countries


45 min.

This session will consist of a short presentation and a panel

Explore the evolving legal landscape impacting greenfield utility-scale PV plant permitting, gain insights into the latest rules and incentives, and understand the PV permitting process and timelines for a broader perspective on rolling out new solar projects in the Baltic states.


Vaidotas Puklevičius


Jelena Dilienė

National Energy Regulatory Council

Margarita Escobar


Tadas Navickas


Paulius Zapolskis

TGS Baltic

Session Topics:
  • Exploring the impact of recent land law amendments on greenfield PV plant permitting 
  • Getting a clear picture of the latest rules and solar incentives 
  • Utility-scale PV permitting roadmap and timeline  


Morning Networking Break

At our conference last year, an impressive 93% of attendees were able to make valuable business connections. Don’t miss out!

Session Topics:

Session 2

Technological Innovations: How to Stay Ahead of the Curve


Maximizing the Potential of Hybrid Assets in the Baltics


35 min.


Nicola Kopij Zanin


Rytis Kėvelaitis

Energy Unlimited

Anna Rozīte

AJ Power Group

Vigars Kaktinieks


Session Topics:


Scaling Solar Projects in the Baltics with Storage and Efficient Technology Applications


35 min.

Large-scale battery energy storage systems will be crucial for the next stage of renewable energy market growth. But how do you successfully build a business case for a BESS? This session will give some main pointers and examples.


Nicola Kopij Zanin


Andrius Karazinas

Lithuanian Solar Energy Association (LSEA)

Jonas Vaišnys


Edvardas Norkeliūnas


Session Topics:


Advancing the Baltic Energy Transition: Utility-Scale Energy Storage Systems and PV Inverters


20 min.

Paweł Bartosik


Session Topics:


Networking Lunch

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Session Topics:

Session 3

Financing & Developing Large Scale PV Projects


Business Models for Rolling out Grid-Scale Storage in the Baltics


30 min.

Alexander Esser

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • Revenue streams including frequency services and energy arbitrage
  • Investment scenarios across Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


How to Successfully Secure Project Financing and Develop Utility-Scale PV projects


45 min.

Solar PV financing has become increasingly important in the Baltics as more investors are looking to participate in the solar energy market. Several financing options are available, including financing products from commercial banks and new investment funds that specialize in renewable energy projects. However, attracting financing for large-scale solar projects requires careful planning and a comprehensive understanding of the risks involved. Understanding the key financing terms from banks and learning about recent M&A transactions can assist developers and investors in crafting successful financing proposals for solar projects.


Andrius Šimkus


Giedrius Rūškys

European Investment Bank (EIB)

Aistis Radavičius

Aura Power

Vytautas Žilys

Luminor Group

Arnoldas Gaudiesius


Session Topics:
  • Financing strategies from commercial banks to new up-and-coming investment funds
  • What makes a project attractive for financiers
  • Overview of recent M&A transactions
  • What are some of the financing terms from the banks
  • Are investors willing to commit to pure merchant projects?
  • Hedging short & long-term risks


Afternoon Networking Break

Whether you're looking to connect with professionals from a specific sector or want to build relationships across the entire solar PV value chain, our event offers a unique chance to engage with experts from across the industry.

Session Topics:

Session 4

Closing Keynote


Innovative Approaches for Achieving Carbon Neutrality in the Baltics


20 min.

Nerijus Virbickas

Green Genius

Session Topics:


Conference Wrap-Up

10 min.

Celina Gundlach


Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

As you mingle and build your network, be sure to take a moment to enjoy a refreshing soft drink, glass of wine, or cold beer. There will be plenty of opportunities to connect with professionals from our global network, which includes countries such as Poland, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Netherlands and many more!

Session Topics:

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