Solarplaza Summit | Balkans

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Wednesday 29 November 2023


Pre-Conference Networking Event

Thursday 30 November 2023



Registration & Welcome Coffee

30 min.

Session Topics:


Conference Kick-Off

15 min.

Why invest in the Balkan solar market, conference goals and networking opportunities

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:

Session 1

Market Outlook for a Dynamic Solar Landscape


Opening Keynote


20 min.

Get up to speed with the Balkan solar market

Panos Kefalas

Aurora Energy Research

Session Topics:
  • Market conceptualization & market split (Residential/C&I/Utility).
  • Facts and figures from 2023 and outline of goals for 2024
  • Overview of main challenges and opportunities related to solar development in the region
  • What is hot in the market?


The Journey from Development to Operation & Maintenance in Solar Energy Projects in Bulgaria


15 min.

Elena Rasheva

Evklips Energy

Session Topics:


From Concept to Reality: Developing Solar Energy Projects


40 min.

From the moment a new project is conceptualized, numerous challenges, questions and opportunities arise. Learn from the experts and find out the winning models for developing solar projects in the Balkan region.


Nikolay Kolev

Kolev, Angelov & Miteva Law (Kamm Law)

Elena Rasheva

Evklips Energy

Efstathios Sideris


Evangelos Samouil

Sigma Energy

Dimitar Dimitrov


Session Topics:
  • Site selection and land use planning
  • Permitting, regulatory compliance, and environmental assessments
  • Finding the right development approach and partners for greenfield development
  • Biggest challenges in developing new projects


Morning Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 2

The Foundations for a Successful PV Plant


Renewable Energy and the Grid: A Look into the Future


40 min.

The Balkan region is facing several challenges in deploying renewable energy sources, including resource availability, resource access, resource location, security of supply and affordability. Join us as we discuss the need for a resilient grid with updated infrastructure, such as being open to storage and more renewables. This session explores measures to improve the efficiency of the existing grid and compare the status of various countries in the region.


Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Ilir M. Shala

Global Energy Solutions (GES)

Dusan Vucic


Iva Draganovska

Solarpro Energy

Session Topics:
  • Overview of the current procedures for acquiring more grid connections
  • Best practices for designing and implementing renewable energy projects to optimize grid connections
  • Future prediction models on grid availability and what this means for the industry
  • Prospects for regional integration in the energy sector
  • Grid connection and transmission infrastructure


The Solar Revolution: How to Invest and Finance Your Way to a Greener Future


30 min.

The capital for solar development in the Balkans is there, but how to make sure that capital allocated to the right projects and what are the main deliberations financiers make when potentially investing in a project?

Rositsa Chopeva

xFigure Finance

Svetlin Pislenski

EBRD - European Bank for Reconstruction and Development

Session Topics:
  • Scaling up energy investments in the Balkans
  • What is the risk appetite of banks and financiers
  • Case studies of projects that have already secured financing in the region
  • Financing strategies from commercial banks to new up and coming investment funds
  • Managing more merchant risk in new financing schemes


Winning Strategies for PPAs


40 min.

Successful PPA transactions can serve as a powerful engine for solar energy investments in the country. And as renewable energy markets grow in complexity, so do the financing strategies available and PPA strategies.Join this roundtable where our speakers will share their perspective with the audience on how they assess PPAs. This session will cover key aspects of these agreements and their potential to drive the growth of the Balkan solar energy market.


Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Nela Vlahinić Lenz


Tina Jakaša


Joffroy Beckers

DTEK Renewables International BV

Session Topics:
  • What is the standard for PPAs in the region
  • What trends to expect
  • Contracting & Pricing Strategies
  • Best practices for designing and negotiating effective PPAs


Networking Lunch

Session Topics:

Session 3

Technology and Engineering


Innovations in Technology: Effective PV solutions and optimization of LCOE


20 min.

Technology has the ability to provide new opportunities and improvements to renewable energy development. Join this session to explore the frontrunning tech solutions that are innovating the Balkan solar market.

Marta Zajac

Trina Solar

Session Topics:
  • What are the major challenges for PV deployment in the region
  • Technological developments to overcome these challenges
  • How to reduce the LCOE of solar power plants?


Hybridization of Projects: Energy Storage and More


40 min.

What are the options available to manage excess energy in a solar plant? In this session we outline why and when you should consider storage as an added value to your asset and the potential of integrating different technologies into one plant.


Mariyana Yaneva

Association for Production, Storage and Trading of Electricity (APSTE)

Lorenc Gordani

Tirana Business University

Krasen Mateev

Solarpro Holding

Lorenzo Paumgardhen

Jinko Solar

Session Topics:
  • An overview of the status of storage deployment in Europe and in the region
  • The practicalities and technical considerations of adding a battery to your solar plant
  • What is the real RoI of coupling your solar plant with a storage system?
  • Maximise and stabilize your connection point
  • Real case study of ESS implementation
  • Regulatory framework and policies supporting energy storage integration in the Balkans


Afternoon Networking Break

Session Topics:

Session 4

Electricity Markets & Agrivoltaics


Harvesting the Sun: The Benefits and Challenges of Agri-PV for Solar Energy Development


20 min.

Explore how combining agriculture with solar power generation can benefit renewable energy developers and farmers in the region. Learn about successful case studies, opportunities and challenges, as well as technical and regulatory considerations.

Jiří Bím

Czech Solar Association (Solární Asociace)

Session Topics:
  • Overview of agrivoltaics and its benefits
  • Case studies of successful agrivoltaics projects in Europe
  • Technical and regulatory considerations for developers interested in implementing agrivoltaics in the Balkans


Powering your Decisions: How to Navigate an Increasingly Volatile Market


20 min.

The increase of intermittent power such as wind and solar in the grid results in a more volatile energy market and a greater difficulty in price forecasting. Staying up-to-date on the best strategies to excel in the energy trading market is essential to avoid greater financial risks and to remain an active participant in the buying and selling of renewable electricity. Join this session for a wrap-up of all the main topics discussed throughout the day and a vision for the future.

Victor Signes

Rystad Energy

Session Topics:


Conference Wrap-Up

10 min.

Highlights and takeaways

Lorena Nieuwenhoven


Session Topics:


Networking Drinks

Session Topics:

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